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Student Health Services

Referrals for Medical Conditions

Students with medical conditions requiring evaluation or treatment that is beyond the scope of services offered at Student Health may be referred to the appropriate specialist after initially being evaluated by Student Health. The rules on referrals are:

  1. Referrals must originate at Student Health Services prior to the initial specialty consultation.
  2. Additional referrals to other physicians must be made by Student Health Services.
  3. Referral is good for the initial evaluation of the diagnosis stated on the original consultation.
  4. Referrals will be made only for students who have paid a Student Services Fee, and who are actively enrolled in semester course work.
  5. Referrals will not be given for cosmetic reasons.
  6. The Referral entitles the student to appropriate discounts as offered by the Medical Center. (Any additional discounts are given at the sole discretion of the specific health care provider and must be negotiated between the student and Provider at the time of the visit.) Referral does not cover the cost of office visits, surgery, office procedures, laboratory, or radiographic studies. The student will be accountable for any remaining balance not covered by their insurance. Prior to the visit, the student should review the coverage of their insurance policy.
  7. Questions concerning this procedure may be directed to Larry Blumenthal, MD, Director, Student Health Services.

Any student bypassing this process will be responsible for the entire fee. Please remember that this is not a free service.


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