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Student Health Services

Student Health Insurance Requirements

MUSC Annual Requirements

  • Annual Tuberculin (TB) testing and evaluation or TB symptom updates will be done on all students.
  • Annual Influenza Vaccine

MUSC Pre-Admission Requirements

During your stay at the Medical University of South Carolina, you will be offered the privileges of Student Health Services. In order for your medical record to be kept in an organized and chronological fashion, a file will be started for you at the time of your initial registration. This information is confidential and intended only for the use of Student Health Services while you are a student. The information will not be issued to any unauthorized person without your knowledge and written consent and will in no way affect your admission status. (Providing past medical history information on the medical history form is voluntary, but it is essential for the care giver to be aware of any significant past medical problems, drug reactions, allergies, etc.)

Immunization Documentation

THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS REQUIRED BY ALL MUSC STUDENTS (full time, part time, web-based, or visiting students). MUSC EMPLOYEES OR FORMER MUSC STUDENTS ARE NOT EXEMPT FROM THESE PREREQUISITES.  This confidential information is kept in a secure medical record located at Student Health Services.  These prerequisites must be met and all of the forms must be complete, with the MUSC Immunization Record form completed and certified by a licensed physician or nurse and received in this office before you will be allowed to attend classes.  

  1. Medical History Form
  2. You are required to have the following prior to enrollment:

A) TUBERCULIN SKIN TEST - Two intradermal PPD (MANTOUX 5 TU) within 3 months of MUSC enrollment. For Fall 2010 both PPDs must be done on or after 05/15/2010. TB skin test results must be documented in number of “mm” of induration. If 1st PPD is non-reactive or intermediate, proceed to 2nd PPD 7 – 10 days after 1st PPD. See TB screening form for further information.                                                        

 If you have a history of a Previously Positive TB Skin Test, a Chest X-Ray (done after the TB skin test was documented as positive) is required.                          

B)  MEASLES (Rubeola - Red Measles), MUMPS, & RUBELLA (German Measles):  Requirements based on DATE OF BIRTH

Students born ON OR AFTER 01/01/57 are required to have:  Two MMR Vaccines on or after the age of 12 months AND both after 12/31/67   

Students born ON OR BEFORE 12/31/56 are required to have: One MMR Vaccine after 12/31/67

In lieu of Vaccination Documentation, Positive IGG Antibody Titers (blood tests proving immunity) to Measles, Mumps and Rubella are required.  Copies of the lab reports must be attached to the MUSC Immunization Record.     

C) TETANUS - last booster on or after 06/01/2000 

NOTE: If your last Tetanus booster was before 6/01/2000, it is recommended that you have a Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (Tdap) Vaccine (available as of 9/2005) for your 2010 booster.  A Tetanus Toxoid (TT) or Tetanus Toxoid/Diphtheria (Td) is acceptable but not recommended as your 2010 booster.   

D)  VARICELLA (Chicken Pox) -

Positive Varicella IgG Antibody Titer or Two Varicella (Varivax) Vaccines.  A Positive Varicella IgG Antibody Titer is required (BLOOD TEST proving immunity).  A copy of the lab report must be attached to the MUSC Immunization Record.  If your Varicella IgG Antibody Titer is negative or equivocal (borderline), vaccination for Varicella (Chicken Pox) is required.  

REMINDER!  All immunizations must be documented in English, verified and signed or stamped by a Physician, Nurse, or Health Care Facility on the MUSC Immunization Record as indicated.  All signatures must be legible!  If proof of immunity is by a blood titer, a copy of the lab report must be attached to the MUSC Immunization Record.


If your immunization records do not meet the MUSC requirements for Rubeola (Measles), Mumps, Rubella (German Measles), or Varicella (Chicken Pox), Tetanus, or TB Skin Testing, and you are unable to obtain these prerequisite requirements at your local Health Department or the physician of your choice, you may obtain the prerequisite immunizations prior to Registration Day for Rubeola, Mumps, Rubella, and/or Varicella at MUSC Student Health Services for a fee after providing documented serologic evidence of susceptibility (blood tests for Rubeola IgG, Mumps IgG,  Rubella IgG, and/or Varicella IgG Titers which are negative, equivocal, or borderline).  TB Skin Testing and Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis boosters are generally available at any healthcare facility.  MUSC Student Health Services administers Tdap, MMR Vaccines, and Varicella Vaccines every Monday - Thursday from 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM. TB testing must be done by an outside health care facility and documented on the Tuberculosis Screening form provided in this packet.  There will be no exceptions to these times due to our regular patient schedule.  No appointment is required.  Although MUSC Student Health Services does not do IgG Antibody Titers, this office will give you a physician’s order to enable you to have these blood tests done at the facility of your choice.  

Please remember that students who do not have the prerequisite immunization requirements completed prior to Registration Day will not be allowed to attend classes.

Health Insurance

MUSC students are subject to the University's mandatory health insurance coverage requirement. All students must have health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment, and must either enroll in the MUSC plan, or obtain a waiver based on other acceptable health insurance plan coverage.

Please call Dorothy Roper at 843-792-3664 or email her at for information.

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