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MUSC Gives Back

The Classifieds: Want Ads for Student Volunteers

Volunteering is a way for future health professionals to learn first hand about problems facing different populations in our community.
During the 2016-2017 academic year, MUSC students participated in volunteer service throughout the Lowcountry and abroad in a variety of ways offering a surplus of 16,000 hours of support.
If volunteering in the Charleston community interests you or your group, but you can't decide where to start, call us at 843-792-5138 or stop by the MUSC GIVES BACK office located inside Student Programs Office at the Harper Center. You can even browse our website at for more suggestions where you can GIVE BACK! Don't forget to LOG your service hours on the website as well!!

NOTE: The MUSC Gives Back program promotes community volunteer opportunities to the MUSC student body that meet the mission of the Gives Back program. Keep in mind that MUSC does not provide any liability coverage for any MUSC student serving as a community volunteer, and that the MUSC student body is not to be solicited for any medical assisting services or advising.  However, MUSC students may volunteer and serve under the active license of another healthcare practitioner who is responsible for this liability. The student volunteer has the responsibility for seeing that this condition is met.


On- Going

Population Served: Uninsured Greater Charleston Area
Event Time: 6:00 - 9 :00 PM
Event Location:1145 Six Mile Road
Volunteer Need: On behalf of the CARES Clinic, I would like to invite you to bring your knowledge and skills to the patients of Charleston as a volunteer at the CARES Clinic. It is a great opportunity to gain practical application of everything you're learning.

The clinic runs each week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings. Four pre clinical students and four clinical students can volunteer each night. Each pre clinical student (1st or 2nd yr COM, 1st yr PA, CON, COP students) is paired up with a clinical student (3rd or 4th yr COM or 2nd yr PA student) and the student team sees patients together.

If you have never volunteered before, please see below for instructions on registering as a volunteer with the clinic.
1.Go to
2. Register as a new volunteer with your MUSC email address [click “volunteer login” then the “new registration” link]. I cannot approve you if you use another email address.
3. Once I approve you, you will have access to the website calendar and can sign up for as many dates as you’d like (enter your name under the PCS slot).If you have previously taken the IP 700 elective course, you are already registered and can go ahead and sign up!



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