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MUSC Student Government Association

College of Health Professions SGA Reps

2013-2014 MUSC SGA College of Health Professions Representatives

Name: Sarah Guberman

College: CHP

Undergrad College/degree: Auburn University/Biomedical Science

Fun Fact: I am a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Name: Kristin Dickman

College: CHP

Undergrad College/degree: University of Florida/APplied Physiology & Kinesiology

Fun Fact: In high school we had a lock down because a mountain lion was on campus.

Name: Joe Gulick

College: CHP-PA

Undergrad College/degree: Southern Illinois University/Physiology

Fun Fact: I physically cannot burp.

Name: Lindsey Kaufmann

College: CHP-PA

Undergrad College/degree: University of Maryland/Kinesiology

Fun Fact: I was a national champion for competitive cheer in college.

Name: Bradley Baker

College: CHP

Undergrad College/degree: Furman/Health Science

Fun Fact: I can touch my tongue to my nose.

Name: Deidre Tindal

College: CHP-MHA

Undergrad College/degree: Converse College/Econ & Business

Fun Fact: I can wiggle my nose and ears.

Name: Dana Nebergall

College: CHP-AFN

Undergrad College/degree: University of Cincinnati/Miami University

Fun Fact: I grew up with 6 pets.

Name: Mason Castles

College: CHP-PA

Undergrad College/degree: Furman University/Health Sciences

Fun Fact: I sag with my choir at New Year's Day Mass in the Vatican.

Name: Heather Spain

College: CHP-OT

Undergrad College/degree: Barnard College at Columbia University

Fun Fact: I love to hula hoop!

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