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MUSC Student Government Association

2014-2015 College of Medicine SGA Reps

Name: Sharbel Elhage

College: COM

Undergrad College/degree: Clemson University/BS Microbiology, History minor

Fun Fact: I speak four languages.

Name: Hallie Bagnal

College: COM

Undergrad College/degree: Clemson/BS in Biology

Fun Fact: I've been cage diving with great white sharks off the coast of South Africa.

Name: Layne Madden

College:  COM

Undergrad College/degree: Clemson University, Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: I once engaged in comedic rhetorical banter with Dave Chappelle regarding my bright orange Clemson hoodie and lost.

Name: Benson Langdon

College: COM

Undergrad College/degree: University of SC/Chemistry and Philosophy

Fun Fact: I can lick my elbow.

Name: Paras Patel

College: COM

Undergrad College/degree: Clemson University/Modern languages/Biological Sciences

Fun fact: Most people think I'm handsome.

Name: Donna Lynn Fewell

College: COM

Undergrad College/degree: Clemson University/BS in Biological Sciences

Fun fact:  I performed a "Moroccan Tea Tray Dance" while balancing a tray of candles and flowers on my head at a Middle Eastern dance recital at Clemson.

Name: Daniel Baker

College: COM

Undergrad college/degree: Furman University/Chemistry

Fun fact: I have sung for the pope.


Name: Daniel Morrison

College: COM

Undergrad college/degree: University of Pennsylvania/Biological Basis of Behavior, Minor in Hispanic Studies

Fun fact: I play (poorly) the banjo, mandolin, and guitar.

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