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MUSC Student Government Association

2014-2015 College of Nursing SGA Reps

Name: Marie Beck

College: CON-ABSN

Undergrad College/degree: Clemson/BS, Bilogical Sciences

Fun Fact: I am the 2nd eldest of 10 children.

Name: Kenneth Gordon, Jr.

College: CON

Undergrad College/degree: Alabama State University/Biology Pre-med

Fun Fact: One of my greatest dreams is to live in New York City.

Name: Amy Biffle

College: CON

Undergrad College/degree: University of SC

Fun Fact: I was a member of the 2007 National Championship Equestrian Team.

Name: Courtney Neuman

College: CON

Undergrad College/degree: College of Charleston/BA in Biology with Psychology Minor

Fun Fact: During undergrad, I played clarinet in the orchestra.

Name: Paige Cox

College: Nursing

Undergrad college/degree: Clemson University/Biology

Fun fact: I have been to 27 countries.

Name: Paul Tripp

College: Nursing

Undergrad college/degree: BSN

Fun fact: I was a competitive ballroom dancer.

Name: Heather Wall

College: CON

Undergrad college/degree: 
University of Central Oklahoma, BBA in International Business

Fun fact: I have moved 4 times in 5 years. 

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