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MUSC Student Government Association

SGA Allocations Fund

Description:  The SGA sets aside a specific amount of money each year, the SGA Allocations Fund, to help support particular university-wide events/programs planned by MUSC student organizations. The process of applying for and potentially receiving these funds follows.


  1. SGA Allocations Fund will be allocated based on the timing and merits of each request.
  2. Due to the SGA’s approval process, a funding request must be submitted at least (2) full SGA meetings (see online schedule of SGA meetings) prior to the date a decision on funding is needed.  Additionally, if funding is approved, plan for a minimum of (2) weeks after a decision is rendered for the funds to be dispersed to your organization.
  3. Requests must be submitted on the SGA Allocations Fund Form that can be downloaded online by clicking here.

    The event for which funds are requested must be described in detail along with an explanation of how the event will pertain to, and benefit, both the student organization and the MUSC student body.

    Per the SGA Allocations Fund Form, a complete itemization of all related expenses and funding sources, including anticipated revenue from ticket sales, should be stated.

    Funding requests should be delivered to Kevin Smuniewski, Office of Student Programs, or call 843-792-2693.
  4. If the event involves the service of alcohol, MUSC’s Policy for Student Alcoholic Beverage Serving must be followed and, accordingly, a completed Event Approval Form signed by either the sponsoring student organization’s college’s dean or the Director of Student Programs.  The signed Event Approval Form must be submitted with the funding request form.  Click here to download the Event Approval Form.
  5. A representative(s) from the requesting student organization should plan to be present for the first reading of their Funding Request and be prepared to answer any questions.  You will be notified of this SGA meeting time upon submission of the Request Form.
  6. An SGA Executive Officer shall notify the individual submitting the SGA Allocations Fund Form of approval or denial of their request immediately following the SGA’s decision.
  7. Upon approval of a request, a representative from the student organization should immediately contact a Student Programs staff member to facilitate the issuing of funds according to MUSC procurement policies.  This will require specific documentation and is approximately a (2) week process.
  8. Within (2) weeks of the completion of the event for which SGA funds were received, a comprehensive Expense Report must be submitted to Kevin Smuniewski, Office of Student Programs, or call 843-792-2693Click here to download the Expense Report form.


  1. Student organizations may request any amount up to *50% of the total event cost.  The SGA may vote to deny the request, approve the request in it’s full amount or approve an amount less than that which is requested.

    *If the event is educational in nature, an amount greater than 50% of the total cost may be requested.  Additionally, if the SGA is asked and decides to officially co-sponsor the event, rather than simply financially support the event, an amount greater than 50% may be requested.  A co-sponsored event means that the requesting student organization and the MUSC SGA would share not only the cost but also the promotion and management of an event.
  2. All events or activities supported by SGA funds must be advertised and open to participation by the entire MUSC student body.  Furthermore, the participation fee must be the same for all MUSC students.
  3. According to State of South Carolina law, SGA funds may not be used to make donations of any kind.  Accordingly, net revenues from events supported by SGA funds may not be donated unless the funds contributed by the SGA have been returned in full prior to the donation being made.
    SGA funds cannot be used to pay dues or purchase individual memberships to professional organizations.
  4. A recognized group may only receive funds no more than two consecutive years.

Questions?  Contact Kevin Smuniewski, Office of Student Programs,, or call 843-792-2693.

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