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MUSC Student Government Association

2015/2016 Executive Candidates


Presidential Candidate

Regina K. Brown  

Dear fellow MUSC Students,

The Student Government Association (SGA) is dedicated to serving the student body of all six colleges on campus in order to enhance our experiences as students at MUSC. I am running for President of the SGA with hopes of continuing the tradition of dedicatedly serving our students. However, I would utilize my enthusiasm, positive attitude, and gregarious nature as your leader to support meaningful progress and development within our student body. I have had the honor of serving on SGA throughout my time at MUSC, first, as a representative for my class for two years, and most recently, as the Programs Vice President.

Serving as the Programs VP this past year has afforded me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills within the Executive Committee, including communication, organization, and time management. I also had the pleasure of working closely with the Student Programs Office to plan campus-wide social and cultural events as head of the Programs Committee, including the Back to School Party, Wine Tasting, and the Oyster Roast. If elected President, I would willingly become your voice to the MUSC administration, faculty, and Board of Trustees regarding any concern you might have, and I would emphasize our institution’s values of innovation, inclusion, and compassion in my leadership of the SGA. I would appreciate your vote on Moodle on March 30th and 31st. Thank you for your support!

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” –St. Francis of Assisi


Academic VP Candidates

James Atkison 

Hello, fellow MUSC students, and thank you for taking the time to vote.  I am running for Academic Vice President, and simply put, I am the most qualified and experienced candidate for this position.  I held this position in 2013-14, and have also served two additional years on Student Government.  Additionally, I have had the privilege to serve both my college and the university in many other capacities.  I have been the Vice President, Treasurer, and Service Chairman for the Graduate Student Association, served on several university-wide committees and groups, captained various intramural teams, and participated in community service projects across Charleston.  I have built a strong interprofessonal network, and I have seen the amazing impact that a unified student voice can have in the shaping of our campus and its policies. I will bring enthusiasm, confidence, and competence to this office so that the SGA can continue to improve student life and welfare.  Thank you, and please vote for me for Academic Vice President of the SGA. 


Andrew Stubenrauch 

Over the course of the past academic year I have been graciously awarded a chance to study medicine.  Having been afforded this wonderful opportunity, I feel like it is my duty to give back to the University and all of its students.  I believe that the position of SGA Academic Vice President gives me that chance.  I have not served as my class’s SGA representative or on the honor council but I feel that I can bring a fresh face to both of these organizations.  As a student at MUSC, you deserve a leader that can effectively communicate all of your concerns to the administration and make sure your voice is heard.  As your Academic Vice President, I will always strive to do my best in order to protect the interests of the students.  I want to ensure that everything that is great at MUSC will be preserved, and the things we know we need to change will be.  This position also allows me to serve as the chair to the Honor Council, as my predecessors have before, I will continue to uphold the integrity of this university and ensure fair representation for all students.  Ultimately, I am at the service of the students and will have an open door for any student from any college to have their concerns heard.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to have your vote.

Andrew Stubenrauch
M.D. Candidate
COM Class of 2018


Programs VP Candidate

Steven Holshouser 

My graduate school experience at MUSC thus far would not have been the same without the events SGA produces for students. During the past three years serving as a class representative on SGA, I have encompassed the skills and knowledge that is required to become Programs VP my final year. I have attended every SGA sponsored event at MUSC, and have helped choose the activities that have taken place over these years. For two years, I have served directly on the programs committee, aiding in decisions for event aspects such as venue locations, beverage/food choices, and choosing the perfect music for each respective event. If I was to be elected, I would continue to advance the diversity of these choices with respect to the wide breadth of culture MUSC fosters with utmost effort to appeal to every student. Through my experiences and interactions these past years with the student programs office, I believe we have the ability to make this next year outstanding, pushing the envelope for MUSC’s great events. Having a very personal and social connection to the students, I plan to change the way the menus, venues and music decisions are chosen. This requires having you, the students, tell us exactly what you want through voting polls and feedback surveys. This will be my second year running for this position, and I am ready to give it my all and assure you that if I am elected Programs VP, we will have the most memorable events thus far.  


Service VP Candidate

Caleb Fackler 

Over the past two years, my peers have given me the privilege of serving as an SGA representative for the College of Pharmacy. Through this experience I have gained insight into how service is an integral part of building relationships with the community. As an SGA representative I have been a member of the SGA service committee, where I am surrounded by others whose desire to build relationships through service is evident. It is because of these reasons I wish to take on the role as your Service VP of the SGA. Each of our professions was built on the ideal of service. I have experienced the enthusiasm that MUSC has to serve the community, and I would very much like to help with broadening the availability of our effort campus-wide. With this mentality, I will help all students gain the most benefit from their SGA. I believe the attributes listed make me a well-qualified candidate for the position of Service VP of SGA, and I would be honored to serve you through this role.  


Communications VP Candidate

Rachel Weber 

I am currently a third year in the College of Graduate Studies (CGS); over the past year I have been a CGS student representative on SGA and the President of the Graduate Student Association (GSA). In previous years I have served as the Co-Treasurer of the GSA. I am now running for Communications Vice President of the SGA. I have enjoyed representing the students of the CGS and would now like to represent the entire MUSC student body. I look forward to managing the MUSC SGA website and enhancing communication among SGA representatives and the student body. I have been serving on the Communications Committee this year and have served in the Communications VP position for one meeting; I have a full understanding of the responsibilities and obligations. I know that I can best serve the student body as the Communications Vice President. The experience I have with being an SGA representative and from representing the students within my college will help me represent you and serve as your SGA Communications Vice President this year. I would appreciate your vote during the SGA elections. Thank you!

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