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MUSC Student Government Association

2016-2017 Executive Candidates


Presidential Candidates


Neizel Songalia 

The MUSC student body has had great influences and representation from all 6 colleges via the dedication of the Student Government Association (SGA).  Through innovation, inclusion, and diversity, the MUSC student body has created a successful and exemplary foundation for the future of health care professionals.  Many of our success can be seen  through the different college collaborations, whether it be via academic, clinical, philanthropy, and/or social settings.  I am running for the SGA President position to ensure the honorable qualities MUSC holds remain a tradition by exploring and solving student concerns.

I have been an active SGA member for 3 years, as a student representative my first 2 years and most recently as the Student Programs Vice President.  I have enjoyed coordinating and promoting campus-wide events such as the Wine Tasting and the Oyster Roast.  Through this experience I have harbored better leadership skills to effectively communicate, adapt, and manage the importance of uniting the 6 colleges. I hope to utilize my optimism, empathy, and receptiveness to serve and devote my time as your voice to our institution and strengthen the relations between the various colleges and senior leadership.  MUSC undergoes many changes to strive for excellence, from new policies, technology, to parking, and I pledge to include student voices for the betterment of student life.   I hope for you to consider me as a qualified candidate as your next SGA President.  Thank you for your support!


Rachel Weber



The SGA is an essential organization to make sure student’s voices and concerns are heard throughout the university, within our administration and with our Board of Trustees. I have been serving on SGA for the past two years, first as a representative for my college and currently as the VP of Communications. I am excelling as Communications VP and have enjoyed the experience of connecting the SGA executive board, representatives, and the entire student body. We have enhanced communication via social media this year and in the process of developing a new SGA logo. Additionally before and while serving on SGA, I have been an executive officer on the Graduate Student Association (GSA). While President of GSA in 2014-2015, I began the inaugural career seminar series for students in the College of Graduate Studies. This allowed our students to explore various career paths, a growing interest of the CGS student body. My experience has allowed me to develop excellent leadership, communication, and time management skills which will allow me to bring confidence and competence to the position of SGA President. I will continue to be a student advocate and have open communication with the faculty, the administration, and with the Board of Trustees. I look forward to serving the entire student body here at MUSC as the SGA President. I would appreciate your vote on March 30th and 31st

Academics VP Candidate


Caroline Hendricks



I’m a second year in the College of Medicine and would love to serve as SGA Academics VP next year. I have two years of experience as an SGA representative and am currently on the SGA academics committee.  In undergrad I chaired the academics committee for USC’s student senate. These experiences have given me a firsthand knowledge of what the academics VP position entails, and I look forward to the opportunity to advocate for MUSC students’ academic concerns. If elected, I will work closely with library administrators to ensure that students’ feedback continues to be heard. I will also advocate for evening and weekend hours for the new coffee shop in the library so that students have a convenient caffeine source when other MUSC coffee shops are closed. I am excited for this opportunity to make the MUSC student experience even better, and I would greatly appreciate your vote!


Programs VP Candidate


Steven Holshouser


My graduate school experience at MUSC thus far would not have been the same without the events SGA produces for students. Of all three years attending school, I have served as class representative on SGA, and encompassed the skills and knowledge that is required to become Programs VP my final year. I have attended every SGA sponsored event at MUSC, and have helped choose the activities that have taken place over these years. For two years, I have served directly on the programs committee, aiding in decisions for event aspects such as venue locations, beverage/food choices, and choosing the perfect music for each respective event. If I was to be elected, I would continue to advance the diversity of these choices with respect to the wide breadth of culture MUSC fosters with utmost effort to appeal to every student. Through my experiences this past year away on rotation in Philadelphia, I believe together, we have the ability to make this next year outstanding, pushing the envelope for MUSC’s great events. Having a very personal and social connection to the students, I plan to change the way the menus, venues and music decisions are chosen. This requires having you, the students, tell us exactly what you want through voting polls and feedback surveys. This will be my second year running for this position, and I am ready to give it my all and assure you that if I am elected Programs VP, we will have the most memorable events thus far.   



Danielle Scott


I am currently a first year student in the College of Graduate Studies.  I have quickly become involved in the variety of events that serve the MUSC community.  I have vast expertise planning social events in a professional setting, including Relay for Life, a masquerade semi-formal and black tie dining events.  Throughout my time at my undergraduate institution, I coordinated a multitude of campus-wide fundraising and social activities.  I have a plethora of experience working with outside venues and companies to plan immaculate events that appeal to diverse populations (while staying within budget).  As Programs Vice President of the Student Government Association, I would work diligently to coordinate events that cater to the desires our society of upcoming healthcare professionals.  I plan to collaborate with other SGA members that represent the student body to generate new opportunities that excite and unify all six colleges here at MUSC.  

Service VP Candidates

Bradley Krisanits 

My fellow MUSC students,

The short time I have spent at MUSC has shown me that we are an integral part of the Charleston community, and by working together we can have a larger impact for the greater good. Service is a significant part of this community because it helps to build relationships and trust between one another. We all are here to better our knowledge and to one day contribute greatly to society by improving it in any capacity.  Why wait though? I believe we can already use our talents to greatly contribute to the local environment and to MUSC, building relationships and trust along the way, all while lending a caring hand. During my time as an undergraduate, I was president of my college’s Special Olympics for two years where I coordinated meetings, social and athletic events. With my experiences organizing service events and delegating tasks to larger committees, along with my passion to volunteer and build relationships within the community, I feel I am a well-qualified candidate for the position of Service Vice President of SGA. I would be honored to have your support for this role and to represent the student body of MUSC.

Joseph Xavier


Serving as an MUSC Student Government Association (SGA) representative these past two years has been one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences of my academic career. SGA has provided me with the opportunity to serve our student body and network with students from other colleges. It has also given me a deeper appreciation of the importance of serving our community. Volunteering has always been a passion of mine. I’ve spent a great deal of my undergraduate career helping others, and I’ve continued to do so here at MUSC by working at various service events such as the Sugar Free Fall Festival, Charleston STEMfest, and Relay for Life just to name a few. I’m fully aware of the duties and expectations involved with this position.  I look forward to collaborating with MUSC Gives Back to organize and plan service events for the student body.  As Service Vice President, my aim will be to encourage students to volunteer and build relationships in our community, because they will one day be serving this community as health care providers. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope you give me the opportunity to be your new Service Vice President!


“The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” –DeAnn Hollis

Communications VP Candidate

Lauren McLean 

Dear classmates,

My peers in the College of Graduate studies elected me to represent our class this year and I cannot thank them enough for the opportunity.  I am dedicated to immersing myself in MUSC culture and events so that I may provide the best resources for those who appointed me to this position.  As a member of the SGA, I have worked alongside Communications Committee members to design a new logo for our organization.  Additionally, I brought forth and implemented the novel Social Media Blitz in our fall semester.  I envisioned a way to unify our colleges and provide an exciting opportunity to explore the MUSC campus, learn about our facilities and enable one winner to attend our school’s favorite event: the annual Wine Tasting.  In the absence of our current Communications Vice President, I assumed her role and demonstrated my aptitude for the responsibility.  I have shown skill in taking minutes at the SGA meeting; these are distributed and available to our entire student body.  Furthermore, I am committed to attending executive and general body SGA meetings so I may collaborate with fellow representatives and faculty advisers.  I hope I have provided evidence to show that I am the most qualified candidate for the Communications VP position.  My experience, enthusiasm and devotion to the students, combined with purposeful actions on behalf of our peers make clear that I will always perform this role with you in mind.  Thank you for reading my message.  I appreciate your vote.

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