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MUSC Student Government Association

Executive Committees

The SGA currently has 5 standing committees in addition to the Executive Committee.  Each committee is represented by at least one SGA member from each of the six colleges.  Complete membership is determined at the SGA Retreat Part 1.

The Academic Affairs Committee is chaired by the Academic Vice President. The Academic Affairs Committee is to assume student leadership in the promotion of the dynamic process of learning at MUSC. This includes striving to achieve highly qualified faculty and able students. In addition, this committee is to support any ideals or actions that will facilitate the acquisition and transfer of knowledge and skills amongst faculty and students. The recommendations and actions of the Academic Affairs Committee are to be exchanged with the MUSC Deans, the MUSC Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, the MUSC President and the Board of Trustees.

Academic Affairs Committee
Sumeen Maur
Rachel Hanna
Kristin Dickman
Amy Biffle
Sara Atkinson
Katie Walter
Jacob Self
Ashley Rogers

The Program Committee is chaired by the Program Vice President. The function of the Program Committee is to schedule, plan, promote, manage, and evaluate a variety of social, cultural, and recreational events and activities for MUSC students and the University community.

Programs Committee
Regina Brown
Courntey Neumann
Heather Wall
Rachel Wright
Heather Michalak
Anthony DeClue
Steven Holshouser
Floyd Nicholson
Delia Voronca
Daniel Morrison
Hallie Bagnal
Sharbel Elhage

The Student Welfare Committee is chaired by the President. The function of the Student Welfare Committee is to identify non-curricular student concerns and needs; explore the situation around these concerns and needs; take these concerns and needs to the appropriate administrator/faculty members to reach a resolution or make change; and to communicate related information/action to the student body.

Student Welfare Committee
Stephen Thompson
Neizel Songalia
Donna Fewell
Courntey Griffin
Layne Madden
Paul Tripp

The Service Committee is chaired by the Service Vice President. The function of the Service Committee is to plan, organize and manage service projects for the SGA membership. The Service Committee may also work in conjunction with MUSC Gives Back to communicate volunteer opportunities to the student government. For each service event, there will be a MUSC SGA Service Committee representative responsible for promoting the service event at SGA meetings, supervising the activity, and reporting attendance to Liz Sheridan afterwards for service commitment record keeping.

Service Committee
Holly Berry
Julia Brenner 
Caleb Fackler
Ali Riehm
Logan Dowdle
Robyn Little
Paras Patel
Daniel Baker
Savannah Paige Cox

The Communications Committee is chaired by the Communications Vice President The function of the Communications Committee is to maintain and improve communication among SGA, the MUSC administrative staff, faculty and all students at MUSC. The committee also works on the contents of the SGA website, SGA Facebook page, and SGA Newsletter. The committee shall also collaborate with the Phi Lambda Sigma organization in the planning and execution of the Clarion Competition.

Communications Committee
Kayla Hill
Kenneth Gordon, Jr.
Lavern Keitt, Jr.
Ryan Maddrey
Rachel Weber
Joseph Xavier
Butler Stoudenmire

For more details on each committee, please email
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