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MUSC Student Handbook

College of Dental Medicine

American Association of Dental Schools

The American Association of Dental Schools promotes communication and standardization among dental schools.  Student input into the educational process is achieved through student representatives from each school.

American Association of Public Health Dentistry

PresidentZak James
Vice PresidentBecca Shamis
Secretary-TreasurerHannah Willis-Rustin
Memeber-at-LargeSukhi Guram
Philanthropy and Fundraising ChairCaitlin McPherson
AdvisorDr. Renata Leite

American Association of Women Dentists

The American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD) has two objectives:  first, to offer opportunities for professional growth through association with women in the dental profession; and second, to support the goals of the AAWD, “to aid in the advancement of women in dentistry, to promote professional support and cooperation among its members, and to promote the fundamentals of good oral health.”

PresidentKeley Huddle
Vice PresidentKinsley Johnson
SecretaryCaitlin Coracy
TreasurerKate Tobalski
HistorianAlexa Richtmeyer
Philanthropy/Service ChairHannah Rustin
Fundraising ChairKate Vaught
Faculty AdvisorDr. Elizabeth Pilcher

American Dental Education Association

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Student Chapter at the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine strives to support achievement and excellence in all aspects of dental education. Our chapter aims to develop programs and activities which address the need for dental educators and researchers in the future, to further post-graduate dental education, and motivate students of all education levels to become dental professionals. Chapter programs aim to not only support these objectives, but also foster professional and personal growth through community outreach, inter professional education, and learning lifelong leadership skills.

PresidentKate Vaught
SecretaryMallory Ulmer
TreasurerZak James
Education ChairsAbbie Garrison
 Sarah Carlisle
Post-Graduate Programs RepresentativeDr. Trent Pierce
Class of 2015 RepsHee Young Hwang DeFee
 Jessica Baron
 Rebecca Harrison
 Alison Foster
Class of 2016 RepsMallory Ulmer
 Laura Kuhne
 Kate Vaught
 Sarah Carlisle
 Abbie Garrison
 Zak James
Class of 2017Lu Dinh
 Phillip Gould
 Chris Olsen
 Eric Rackley
 Elizabeth Rowe
 Emily Wiles
Class of 2018To be elected
Faculty AdvisorDr. Elizabeth Pilcher

American Student Dental Association

The American Student Dental Association (ASDA) is a national organization representing all dental students.  The organization began from student membership in the American Dental Association (ADA).  Members of ASDA automatically become student members of the ADA with all the privileges of association membership.

The local chapter at MUSC provides input to the national organization, assists members with obtaining membership benefits, and serves as the Student Government Association of the College of Dental Medicine.  MUSC ASDA sponsors the Freshman Orientation Picnic Day, the ASDA Dental Manufacturers Display, the ASDA Softball World Series, the College of Dental Medicine Newspaper, Clinic Day, and the C.C.C. Run/Walk.

The governing body of MUSC ASDA is the Executive Council, composed of ASDA representatives, MUSC SGA representatives, dental fraternity presidents, and representatives from the American Association of Dental Schools and the Student National Dental Association.

PresidentChris Ricker
Immediate Past-PresidentDaniel Hall
President-ElectChris Conzett
Vice PresidentCaitlin Coracy
SecretaryLeanna Craft
TreasurerBecca Shamis
Legislative LiaisonsKatherine Rutland
 Jon Fryml
Lunch & LearnsRonetta Sartor
Social ChairAnna Moorhead
Pre-Dental ChairsDaniel Hall
 Aaron Gavri
Chapter WebsiteAndrew Ponton
Communications ChairHee Young Hwang DeFee
YearbookHee Young Hwang DeFee
 Caitlin Coracy
 Leanna Craft
 Anna Moorhead
Community ServiceBecca Shamis
Social Committee ChairAnna Moorhead
Halloween PartyTo be elected
Golf TournamentsWhitney Simons
 Zach Schurch
 Jay Patrick
Post Gross PartyNikki Lundstrum
 Aaron Gavri
Freshman Welcome PartyLeanna Craft
 Aaron Gavri
Faculty AdvisorDr. S. Ted McGill
Class of 2015 RepsDaniel Hall
 Bryn Allen
 Katelyn Flouras
 Hee Young Hwang DeFee
 Andrew Ponton
 Charlie Quasney
 Jessica Tabb
Class of 2016 RepsChris Ricker
 Caitlin Coracy
 Katherine Logan
 Jay Patrick
 Alexa Richtmyer
 Becca Shamis
 Reed WIlliamson
Class of 2017 RepsLeanna Craft
 Ronetta Sartor
 Whitney Simons
 Jonathan Fryml
 Chris Conzett
 Zach Schurch
Class of 2018 RepsTo be elected

College of Dental Medicine Class Officers

Senior Class

Class of 2015 Reps

President Matt Keckeisen
Vice President      Jessica Tabb
Treasurer       William Stewart
Secretary       Catie Carroll
ASDA Representatives   Bryn Allen
 Charlie Quasney
 Hee Young Hwang DeFee
 Katelyn Flouras
 Daniel Hall
 Andrew Ponton
 Jessica Tabb
SGA Representative     Sumeen Maur
Honor Council     Rick Furman
 Lauren Green
Social ChairsKaren Wolf
 Ann Dysart
 Krista Anderson
Academic ChairsCharlie Quasney
 Brandon Chasteen
Sports RepresentativesWil Waninger
 Marshal Jewett
Community ServiceKenitra Betts
 Mary Kate James
 Daniela Arias
 Makeeba Bookhart
 Courtney Peterson
 Michelle McInnis
 Alekhya Rao
Year BookLauren Green
Public RelationsChris Farish
HistorianMary Jones
Tooth Time FolliesJoin Committee
Fundraising ChairsKrista Andersen
 William Stewart
 Danielle Guerrino

Junior Class

Class of 2016

PresidentJordan Berry
Vice PresidentKinsley Johnson
TreasurerKelcy Huddle
SecretarySukhi Guram
Honor CouncilCaitlin McPherson
 James Wood
SGA RepresentativeAshley Rogers
ASDA RepresentativesChris Ricker
 Reed Williamson
 Katherine Logan
 Caitlin Coracy
 Alexa Richtmyer
 Becca Shamis
 Jay Patrick
ADEA RepresentativesMallory Ulmer
 Kate Vaught
 Abbie Garrison
Social ChairsHarriet Kilgore
 Kate Vaught
 Laura Kuhne
Community Service ChairsHannah Willis
 Zak James
Public RelationsAnna Moorhead
 Alex Pischke
Academic ChairsJon Voge
 Marc Wooster
Fundraising ChairsKinsley Johnson
 Katelyn Tobalski
 Kat McKitrick
 Josh Palmateer
Athletics RepresentativesSpencer Russel
 Pres Payne
HistorianJason Macik

Sophomore Class

Class of 2017

PresidentLandon Sears
Vice PresidentsMary Machowski
 Blake Tollison
SecretaryMicah Dowling
Student Government RepNeizel Songalia
Honor Council RepsClair Midyette
 Nicholas Wagner
Community ServiceRonnetta Sartor
 Tanvi Patel
 Claire Midyette
 Brandi Mangana
 Joshlyn Wilson
Public RelationsLu Dinh (Photographer)
 Sarah Beth Ray
 Jill Eaves
 Nicholas Wegner
Social ChairsJill Eaves
 Neizel Songalia
 Harrison Josey
Athletic RepsPatrick McGarity
 Leanna Craft
 Madison Culler
Fundraising ChairsLaura Wysocki
 Leslie Jordan
HistorianMicah Dowling
YearbookDiana Nyguyen

Freshman Class

Class of 2018
(to be elected)

Vice President-
Honor Council-
SGA Rep-
ASDA Reps-

Delta Sigma Delta

Delta Sigma Delta, the oldest of the dental fraternities, was founded November 15, 1882. Its objective is to encourage high standards of ethical and professional conduct as well as to offer special activities to its student and professional members.The Alpha Beta Chapter of the Medical University of South Carolina’s College of Dental Medicine is one of the newest chapters of this international brotherhood.

President             Sukhi Guram
Vice President      Anna Moorhead
Secretary            Zak James
TreasurerKat McKitrick
Social ChairBecca Shamis
 Lauren Ulbrich
 Ashley Rogers
 Mike Lamb
 Neizel Songalia
 Aaron Gavri
Senior Representative 
Junior Representative 
Sophomore Representative 
Rush ChairsMike Lamb
 Eric Rackley
 Chris McKee
 Laura Jean Varadi
Faculty AdvisorDr. Monica Cayoutte

Dental Community Fellowship

Dental Community Fellowship (DCF) is a Christian outreach to dental students. It is chartered as a local chapter of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations. The goal of our organization is to motivate, educate, and equip dental students and dentists to glorify God, encourage each other, and reach out to the community in a Christ like manner. Some of our yearly activities include…

  •  B3 (Bible, Beer, Bar)
  •  Back to School Bash
  •  Freshmen Welcome Dinner
  •  Lunch and Learns on campus
  •  Dinners at local dentists’ homes
  •  Bible Studies
  •  Local Missions and Community Service (Free Clinics, Habitat for Humanity, Convoy of Hope, etc)
  •  International Dental Mission Trips to locations such as Ecuador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Costa Rica (just to name a few!)

While we are a body of Christian believers, we encourage students of all walks of life to participate in our activities.

Local Dentist LeadersDr. William Sasser (Founder)
 Dr. Reese McElveen
 Dr. Mary Alice Hughes
Student LeadersZach Huggins
 Matt Andrews
 William Stewart
 Rick Furman
 Kevin Jett
 Lightsy Jett
 Nikki Lunstrom
 Jay Partrick
 Katherine Teal
 Erin Spencer
 Chris Olsen
 Eric Rackley
 John Frymel
 Hunter Lee
PresidentJL Holliday
Vice President of MissionsRosie Kolokithas
Missions CommitteeAdam Hardin
 Elizabeth Hughes
Vice President of Social EventsNick Crossland
Social Events CommitteeWhitney Simmons
 Gerry George
Vice President of CommunicationsRebecca Harper
SecretaryClaire Midyette
Golf Tournament/Banquet CommitteeWhitney Simmons
Faculty AdvisorDr. Mark Barry

For more information on DCF, please visit the links below:

Dental Student Alumni Council

Alumni Council’s primary functions are to help ease the transition from being dental students to becoming active alumni and to serve as liaisons between the student body and alumni.

The council assists the Office of Alumni Affairs in organizing and hosting events sponsored by the MUSC Dental Alumni Association for students, especially the dental career seminars held during the year.  These evening seminars feature alumni speakers from the community who offer advice on residency and career choices and practice information.  Council members also assist the alumni liaison for the College of Dental Medicine in regard to the continuing education weekend event co-sponsored by the Alumni Association and the American Student Dental Association each spring.  Dr. Monica Cayouette serves as faculty advisor for the group. New members from the entering class are solicited each fall.

President             Jessica Tabb
Vice President      Brittany Rush
Secretary            Catie Carroll
HistorianMary Kate James
Philanthropy ChairsAlison Foster
Class Representatives 
1st YearTo be elected
2nd YearAaron Gavri
 Michael Lamb
 Leslie Jordan
 Eric Rackley
 Matt Rivera
 Whitney Simons
3rd YearAbbie Garrison
 Kat McKitrick
 Anna Moorhead
 Kate Vaught
 Mason Wade
 Reed Williamson
4th YearCatie Carroll
 Alison Foster
 Lauren Garwood
 Mary Kate James
 Brittany Rush
 Jessica Tabb
Faculty Advisor

Monica Cayouette

MUSC Student Chapter of the Academy of General Dentistry

PresidentJessica Baron
Vice PresidentMary Kate James
Communications DirectorRebecca Harrison
TreasurerWilliam Stewart
Faculty AdvisorDr. Joe Vuthiganon

Omicron Kappa Upsilon

Zeta Eta Chapter of Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society was chartered in 1970 at the College of Dental Medicine of the Medical University of South Carolina. Its purpose is to honor dental students who exhibit excellence in scholarship and other exemplary traits.

Alumni members are chosen from the upper 20% of the class who rank highest in scholarship for the entire period that they have been in attendance at the dental school. From this list, no more than 12% of the entire senior class may be elected to alumni membership by the active members of the component chapter.

President             Dr. Monica Cayouette
President-ElectDr. Walter Renne
Vice PresidentDr. Michael Kern
Secretary/TreasurerDr. Stephen Malley

Psi Omega

Psi Omega, a professional dental fraternity, was chartered at the Medical University of South Carolina on April 6, 1973.  The Sigma Chi Chapter of the College of Dental Medicine is presently the largest dental fraternity at the University.

Yearly activities include expert lectures in all phases of dentistry, various social events, and sponsorship of numerous community projects.

PresidentJay Patrick
Vice President Kathryn Teal
SecretaryErin Spencer
TreasurerDevan Bolf
Alumni Chair 
Philanthropy ChairsJessica Baron
 Mary Hamilton
 Lauren Green
Social ChairsNikki Lundstrum
 Diana Nguyen
 Sejal Naik
 Brett Henderson
Rush ChairsElizabeth Rowe
 Jon Chay
 Brandi Magana
 Claire Midyette
 Katie Rood
 Melinda Lee
 Ronetta Sartor
 Nick Wegner
Senior RepresentativeWilliam Stewart
Sophomore RepresentativesElizabeth Rowe
 Jonathan Fryml
HistorianLu Dinh
ChaplainJonathan Fryml
Faculty AdvisorsDr. Rick Albenesius
 Dr. Gabriel Ingraham
 Dr. Ted McGill

Student National Dental Association

The Student National Dental Association (SNDA) was founded by concerned dental students at Meharry Medical College in 1970, and incorporated in 1972, over 50 years after its parent group, the National Dental Association.  SNDA was created to encourage and promote minority recruitment/retention, to meet dental health needs of minority and underserved communities, and to create a relationship between the National Dental Association members and the students of this organization.

SNDA members across the country are composed of African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asian Americans.  The organization has become a helpful tool in establishing and providing a network of communication among and between students as a means of improving dental care among under-represented individuals and communities.

President  Joshlyn Wilson
Vice PresidentBrianna Lockett
TreasurerSam Ta
SecretaryJabrenta Hubbard
Historian/WebmasterAlekhya Rao
Faculty Advisor            Dr. Gwen Brown

Student Professionalism and Ethics Association in Dentistry

The Student Professionalism and Ethics Association in Dentistry is a national, student driven association that was established to promote and support students’ lifelong commitment to ethical behavior in order to benefit the patients they serve and to further the dental profession.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • Act as a support system for students in strengthening their personal and professional ethics values by:
  • Providing a resource for ethics education and development.
  • Fostering a non-punitive, open-forum environment for ethics communication
  • Promoting awareness of ethics standards and related issues within dentistry
  • Collaborating with leadership of the dental profession to effectively advocate for our members

PresidentHannah Willis-Rustin
Immediate Past PresidentZak James
Vice PresidentHannah Willis-Rustin
TreasurerAnna Moorhead
Member at LargeCaitlin McPherson
Class of 2016 RepresentativePres Payne
AdvisorDr. Joe Vuthiganon

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