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MUSC Student Handbook

College of Graduate Studies

Graduate Student Association 2013-2014

All College of Graduate Studies students are members of the Graduate Studies Association (GSA). The GSA Senate acts as the representative council for the College of Graduate Studies.  Representatives from each of the basic science disciplines as well as one each from the  Molecular and Cellular Biology and Pathobiology program (MCBP) and the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) hold seats on the GSA Senate.  Faculty and advisors to the senate include, but are not limited to, the Dean and Associate Deans of the College of Graduate Studies. The goal of the GSA is to promote graduate student involvement in university affairs by initiating dialogue between students and faculty while encouraging student interest and involvement. Representatives to standing university committees are also elected from the senate members.  These committees include the Graduate Council, Recruitment Committee, Seminar Committee, Long Range Planning and Development Committee, MUSC Student Government Association, and the SGA President’s Council.  For additional information, please visit

President  Philip
Vice President              Kayla
Service ChairJames

Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences Student Association (MBESSA)

The purpose of MBESSA is to provide a student run organization to discuss matters pertaining to the welfare of MBES students. Students in the MBES program often have unique problems stemming from the fact that most of their time is spent on our satellite campus, Ft. Johnson. Our goals include encouraging appreciation for basic, environmental, and marine research, as well as enhancing communication with other graduate students at the Medical University of South Carolina. Since being formed in November 2004, we have hosted the MBES student research open house and a happy hour for incoming students.  For more information on MBESSA, contact Jill Lynch via email

Multicultural Graduate Student Association

The Multicultural Graduate Student Association (MGSA) serves to enhance the well-being of all graduate students presently enrolled at the Medical University of South Carolina with particular concern to specific needs of students of color and/or underrepresented minorities.  It also works to develop a network of emerging scholars who are dedicated and sensitive to the needs and concerns of an increasingly diverse academic community.  All students officially enrolled in the College of Graduate Studies are eligible to become members.  For additional information, please email or visit  

Co-President David
Co-Vice President              Sybil
Co-Vice PresidentEricka
HistorianDanielle Lowe

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