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MUSC Student Handbook

College of Pharmacy

College of Pharmacy Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the governing body for all College of Pharmacy students and represents the student body’s interests.  It also functions to assist the administration and faculty in promoting professional attitudes and fellowship. Socially, the SGA sponsors the spring banquet and dance, at which special awards are presented to faculty and students.  SGA officers are elected in the spring by fellow students.  Any student from any class who maintains a 2.0 GPA or above is eligible to run for office.

President Elect
Anthony DeClue
Vice PresidentMario Machado
SecretaryHeather Johnson
TreasurerBridget Barnett
Intercampus LiaisonAlyssa Rabon
Faculty AdvisorDr. Cathy Worrall
P-4 Class of 2014 Officers
PresidentSaswat Kabisatpathy
Vice PresidentMarley Linder
Secretary/TreasurerLaura Leathers
SGA RepresentativeMegan Duperreault
Class Representative
Connolly Pigott
Faculty AdvisorDr. Ed Soltis
P-3 Class of 2015 Officers
President  John Tyrrell
Vice PresidentJordan Miller
Secretary/TreasurerEthan Sebring
SGA RepresentativeConnolly Pigott
Class Representative
Mario Machado
Faculty AdvisorDr. Roger White
P-2 Class of 2016 Officers
PresidentDrake Meeder
Vice PresidentHeather Johnson
Secretary/TreasurerEileen Chen
SGA RepresentativeCharlene Gravgaard
Class RepresentativeBrittany Woller
Faculty AdvisorDr. Jennifer Schnellmann
P-1 Class of 2017
PresidentJenna Sunkin
Vice PresidentBrandon Penland
Secretary/TreasurerJon Fisher
SGA RepresentativeCaleb Fackler
Class RepresentativeKatelyn Shatz
Faculty AdvisorDr. Amy Thompson

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) is an organization open to all pharmacy students.  Members have the opportunity to learn about consultant pharmacy, build relationships with consultant pharmacists, and participate in activities which will enhance the members' knowledge of geriatric care.

PresidentSarah Tyler
Vice PresidentBrock DuBose
SecretarySarah Drechsler
TreasurerKaylie Waller
Faculty AdvisorLisa Gehlken

Academy Students of Pharmacy

Academy Students of Pharmacy (ASP), a joint chapter of both the American Pharmaceutical Association and the South Carolina Pharmaceutical Association, is dedicated to the improvement of pharmaceutical education and professional practice.  As a public service, the chapter sponsors numerous projects such as a Hypertension Clinic, Diabetes Information Desk, and Poison Control.  ASP also sponsors a Back‑to‑School Party for the College of Pharmacy, a college newsletter (The ASP News), and a summer intern program.

Membership to ASP is open to any undergraduate regularly enrolled in pre‑pharmacy or pharmacy in a university or college holding membership in the AACP.

PresidentLauren Turner
President-ElectTodd Larson
Vice PresidentConnolly Pigott
Membership VPArdis Copenhaver
SecretaryNalini Mayroo
TreasurerJoshua Hirschhorn
Special Projects ChairSwati Mahajan
Publicity ChairAlyssa Rabon
Fundraising ChairAnna McClintock
IPSF RepresentativeJohn Tyrrell
SPAN CoordinatorCollin Kelley
Faculty AdvisorDr. Kristy Brittain

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI) facilitates, encourages and teaches pharmacists and prospective pharmacists how to share the gospel with their patients as an important part of their practice. Any pharmacist or pharmacy student who subscribes to the purposes of CPFI is eligible for membership.

PresidentEmily Hall
Vice President
Ethan Sebring
SecretaryMorgan Causey
TreasurerChris Lieu
Faculty AdvisorDr. Ron Nickel

Kappa Psi

Kappa Psi Fraternity, the first pharmaceutical fraternity, was established on May 30, 1879, at the Russell Military Academy in New Haven, Connecticut.  Kappa Psi is privileged not only in being the first in pharmacy but also in maintaining the largest membership of all pharmaceutical fraternities. There are presently 54 collegiate chapters and 25 graduate chapters throughout the United States.

Kappa Psi pharmaceutical fraternity functions to promote professionalism in the practice of pharmacy through fellowship and service. Male pharmacy students who have completed their first semester of pharmacy with a GPA of 2.0 or greater are eligible for membership.

RegentDave Cook
1st Vice RegentJustin Sanford
2nd Vice RegentAlex Travaglini
3rd Vice RegentCollin Kelley
SecretaryLeo Gonzalez
TreasurerMario Machado
HistorianMario Machado
ChaplainTodd Larson
1st Sgt at ArmsRoss Fuller
2nd Sgt at ArmsHoai Tran
Faculty AdvisorDr. Jason Haney

Kappa Epsilon (KE)

Kappa Epsilon is a professional pharmaceutical fraternity whose purpose is to unite women students of pharmacy.  Nationally, it was founded in 1921 and the Beta Epsilon chapter was formed at the SCCP-MUSC campus in January 2008.  Our national service project is breast cancer awareness and we are involved in a variety of community and professional service projects in the Charleston area.

For more information, please visit our website or contact Lyndsay Zotian, Class of 2011 at

PresidentKatie Bliven
President-ElectMorgan Causey
Vice PresidentChelsey Mozingo
SecretaryConnolly Pigott
TreasurerCambren Morrison
Recruitment ChairSally Wiseman
Social ChairAllison Horger
Service ChairNoelle Crawford
Fundraising ChairMorgan Miller
HistorianAnna Gagnon
National Project ChairSummer Borelli
Alumni LiaisonBrock DuBose
Faculty AdvisorDr. Carolyn Smith

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA)

The National Community Pharmacists Association is an organization with a mission to represent today's community pharmacies.  New to the Medical University of South Carolina, the local NCPA chaper hopes to grow in membership and provide an organization for future community pharmacists.  A few of the many student benefits include:  discounted registration to national conventions and a national legislative conference, an independent pharmacy matching service, scholarships, loans, and grants for educational research.  Membership in the MUSC NCPA chapter is open to all pharmacy students.

PresidentJillian Amick
Vice PresidentCambren Morrison
SecretaryCollin Kelley
TreasurerZachary Jordan
Faculty AdvisorMel Rauton

Phi Delta Chi

Phi Delta Chi was founded at the University of Michigan in 1883. On May 23, 1947, the Alpha Kappa Chapter of the Medical University of South Carolina received its charter.

The objective of Phi Delta Chi is to advance the science of pharmacy and foster a fraternal spirit among its members.  The fraternity is proud to have had among its membership distinguished pharmacists such as Eli Lilly.  Phi Delta Chi, a co-ed fraternity, offers all pharmacy students the benefits of professionalism, scholastic achievement, social awareness, brotherhood, and fraternalism.

PresidentPam Lyons
Vice PresidentArdis Copenhaver
SecretarySwati Mahajan
TreasurerIsabel Quagliara
HistorianJolinda McNeil
Alumni LiasonEthan Sebring
Pledge MasterLauren Turner
GuardsAmanda Qui
 Bridgett Barnett
Faculty AdvisorDr. Amy Thompson
Dr. Brittany Cogdill

Phi Lambda Sigma

Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS), the National Pharmacy Leadership Society, was organized in March 1965 on the campus of Auburn University.  Following a two-year probationary period, the Student Senate granted a charter to the society on October 3, 1967.  The Beta Chi Chapter of PLS was chartered on May 8, 2002, at the Medical University of South Carolina.  The purpose of PLS is to promote the development of leadership qualities, especially among pharmacy students.

Membership in PLS consists of four categories: student, faculty, alumni and honorary.  For a student to be eligible for membership, he or she must be of high moral and ethical character, have completed at least 90 semester hours of scholastic work applicable toward a recognized pharmacy degree, and have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 grading scale.  Nomination for all membership categories emanates from the present members of the Society.  Prospective members are nominated on the basis of their demonstration of dedication, service, and leadership in the advancement of pharmacy.

PresidentHolly Berry
Vice PresidentLeo Gonzalez
SecretaryJennifer MacDonald
TreasurerJessica Michaud
HistorianLaura Leathers
Faculty AdvisorDr. Cathy Worrall

Rho Chi Society

The Alpha Iota Chapter of the Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society was established at MUSC in 1948 to recognize and promote leadership and academic excellence.  The local chapter coordinates the annual College of Pharmacy Career Day.

To be eligible for membership, students must be in the top 20% of their class and have a GPA of at least 3.0.  They must also have shown the capacity for achievement in the science and art of pharmacy and allied sciences.  Having proved eligible for membership and with the approval of the dean, an individual is then voted on for acceptance.

Pharmacy alumni and faculty members are also eligible for membership, although requirements are slightly different.

PresidentMeghan Reese
Vice PresidentJesse Young
SecretaryLauren Jindracek
TreasurerErika Rost
HistorianPam Lyons
Faculty AdvisorDr. Nicole Bohm
Dr. Kelly Ragucci

Student National Pharmaceutical Association

The Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) is an organization of minority students enrolled at schools of pharmacy throughout the country.  It is devoted to developing a positive image for minority health care professionals and promoting health awareness in the community.  SNPhA’s parent organization is the National Pharmaceutical Association (NPhA), composed of licensed pharmacy practitioners.  The chapter was established to increase recruitment and retention of minority students, to provide academic and social support to its members, and to provide services to the college and the surrounding community.  Membership in the MUSC SNPhA chapter is open to all pharmacy students.

PresidentMegan Duperreault
President-ElectKatie Horn
Vice PresidentBrittany Rawlins
SecretarySwati Mahajan
TreasurerAmanda Qui
CIC Coordinator
Kaili Leahy
Special Projects ChairEmmanuel Carandang
Social ChairsLarua Eberhard
 Meghan Reese
Faculty AdvisorDr. Beju Shah

Student Society of Health Systems Pharmacists

The Student Society of Health Systems Pharmacists (SSHP) is the professional organization for all Health Systems pharmacists. Members receive career and residency information through the Personnel Placement Service as well as the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy (AJHP).  Membership in SSHP is open to  all pharmacy students.

PresidentCaroline Raho
Vice PresidentJosh Hirschhorn
SecretaryKatie Horn
TreasurerJesse Young
HistorianJoe Gandy
Hope Lodge ChairEileen Chen
ASHP LiaisonTonya Smith
Faculty AdvisorDr. Kathy Chessman

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