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Writing Center

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a resource for students, faculty, and staff for the development of good writing skills. The Center has developed a quick reference guide to inform you about how it works.

Elements of Good Writing

Essay exam questions, book reviews, technical and scientific reports, curriculum vitae, resumes, personal statements, or research papers -- it doesn't matter. The principles of good writing are not limited to particular courses or colleges but apply across all academic disciplines. Elements common to all good writing are

  • Perspective - Competent writing must have a strongly stated purpose and perspective on  what writing teachers call voice or point of view.
  • Audience - To communicate effectively, writers must have a sense of audience and persuasive purpose.
  • Evidence - If the intent is to persuade the reader, good writing must marshall evidence or support.
  • Logic - Good writing must have internal logic and coherence from the paragraph level to the entire work.
  • Correctness - Good writing displays a control of language and tone: grammar, punctuation, and spellings are generally correct.

What is good writing?

Good writing is effective writing.  It persuades clearly.  A crucial way to make writing clearer and more persuasive is to get feedback from an expert and experienced reader.  That’s what the Writing Center provides.  The Writing Center faculty assess writing  based on the demands of the various health care disciplines here at MUSC. 

For students

Writing Center faculty meet with students individually to develop writing skills.  Students writing course projects, papers for publication, applications for academic programs, and resumes or curriculum vitae are welcome to schedule an appointment.

For faculty

The Center houses a library of materials for improving teaching by using writing throughout the curriculum.  Our faculty consult with course professors to develop innovative assignments that incorporate writing in their syllabi.  MUSC faculty are also welcome to schedule individual appointments to discuss any writing projects, from papers for publication to grant proposals to curriculum vitae.

For staff

From individual consultations to specially tailored workshops, the Writing Center is happy to help staff resolve writing problems.  Whether you’re working on an application in order to return to school, putting together a report, or updating your resume, our faculty are eager to assist you.


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