E*Value Core Questions Approved 2010


Didactic Instructor Core Evaluation Questions

1.      Was an effective teacher

2.      Was well prepared

3.      Was available to students

4.      Encouraged student questions

5.      Encouraged appreciation of other healthcare professionals


            Didactic Course Core Evaluation Questions

1.      Learning objectives were covered in course

2.      The graded activities assessed my mastery of the course content

3.      Grading system was adequately explained

4.      Assignments contributed significantly to learning

5.      Educational technology was helpful


            Clinical Instructor Evaluation Questions

1.      Was an effective teacher

2.      Provided instructive feedback

3.      Encouraged student questions

4.      Modeled appropriate interprofessional collaboration

5.      Was available to students


            Clinical Course/Rotation Evaluation Questions

1.      Provided the opportunity to accomplish the learning objectives

2.      Graded activities accurately assessed mastery of clinical skills

3.      Provided opportunity to develop clinical skills

4.      Fostered my interprofessional collaboration abilities


The Committee also agreed that “Not Applicable” be provided as a choice on the didactic evaluation sheets.


Action:  The Committee agreed that the abovementioned evaluation questions would be used beginning Fall 2010.