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Integrated Login FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About the MUSC E*Value Portal:

What is happening?
A new portal for logging into E*Value by using your MUSC NetID.

Why is this happening?
To reduce the number of User IDs a person needs to remember to access systems that are important to you.

Who will be affected?
Anyone at MUSC who presently accesses E*Value by logging into the vendor's homepage (

Where will this site be located?
The dedicated page will be found at  Users will log in to this page using their MUSC NetID.  Although "go-live" for NetID-integrated login officially will be February 1, interested users can try it now at and update their bookmarks.  Users who encounter difficulties or have questions should contact their college E*Value coordinator

When will this take place?
The targetstart  date is Wednesday, February 1, 2012. 

How can questions be answered?
Individuals may contact their college's or program's E*Value coordinator