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MUSC Policies & Procedures Related to E*Value

University Course and Instructor Policies (PDF) UPDATED 10.12.07
The following policies have been developed to guide the implementation of E*Value as the mechanism for course and instructor evaluation at the Medical University of South Carolina. These policies have been developed by the Evaluation Oversight Committee and approved by the Education Advisory Committee. 

University Required Evaluation Questions (PDF) UPDATED 11/7/14
When implementing E*Value, the Evaluation Oversight Committee was charged with creating core items that would be monitored by the university. Each evaluation form for didactic and clinical courses, along with the instructors of the courses, will include these core questions. Other unique classroom settings such as small group courses do not have required core questions. 

MUSC Confidentiality Statement (PDF)
Along with the core items, a confidentiality statement was also created. It is imperative that evaluators trust the statement MUSC and E*Value provide so that the data received is as useful as possible.

Policies and Procedures Governing E*Value Account Creation and Maintenance (PDF) UPDATED 06/18/2012
This document was developed to define who can create accounts in E*Value and how those accounts will be maintained.