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MUSC Excellence

About MUSC Excellence

MUSC Excellence is an effort toward developing an excellence-based culture.

Links to MUSC Excellence Efforts:

Each of the above areas has goals for achieving excellence. To achieve the goals, there are nine principles to adopt in order to attain desired results:

Principle #1: Commit to Excellence - Why are we in healthcare?

  • Employees feel valued
  • Physicians feel organization is the best
  • Patients feel service is extraordinary

Principle #2: Measure the Important Things

  • Define specific targets and tools for measuring
  • Align necessary resources to hit the targets

Principle #3: Build a Culture Around Service
Ensure high quality and a caring environment for our patients by:

  • Scripting behaviors
  • Creating teams
  • Teaching service recovery
  • Developing standards of performance

Principle #4: Create and Develop Leaders

  • Identification of current and future leaders
  • Development, training and equipping leaders in a cost-effective manner

Principle #5: Focus on Employee Satisfaction

  • Acknowledge that each employee is critical to success of MUSC
  • Acknowledge that satisfied employees do a better job
  • Satisfied employees=patient and physician satisfaction + decreased costs

Principle #6: Build Individual Accountability

  • Creating a self-motivated workforce
  • Changing attitudes from “renters” to “owners”

Principle #7: Align Behaviors with Goals and Values

  • Use leadership report cards and 90 day action plans to support the evaluation system, align leadership and resources for MUSC

Principle #8: Communicate at all Levels

  • Use “Managing Up” to create proactive behavior and improve working relationships
  • Administration is viewed in a positive manner when employees feel they are getting the message

Principle #9: Recognize and Reward Success

  • Never let Great work go unnoticed
  • Create legends to establish real life examples for others to follow

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