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Faculty Senate

Executive Committee

SenatorPositionElectoral UnitE-mail
Joseph Romagnuolo
Jack Crumbley
Vice PresidentMedicine - Clinical
Laura Carpenter
SecretaryLibrary Sciences

Christopher Davies
Immediate Past President (non-voting member)
Medicine - Basic
Adam Smolka
MemberMedicine - Clinical Sciences
Shannon Drayton
Jesse Dean
MemberCollege of Health Professions
Martina Mueller
MemberCollege of Nursing
Tom Smith
MemberLibrary Sciences
Mirko Hennig
MemberMedicine - Basic Sciences
Gabriel IngrahamMemberCollege of Dental

The Executive Committee shall:

  • Appoint Senators, Alternate Senators and qualified faculty to all committees of the Faculty Senate, except for the Executive Committee itself;
  • Appoint each committee chair from among Faculty Senators; members of the Executive Committee are eligible to serve as chair;
  • Ensure that committee assignments are distributed fairly among Electoral Units and academic ranks;
    Initiate the formation and dismissal of ad hoc committees, as needed;
  • Accept annual reports from each standing and ad hoc committee of the Faculty Senate;
  • Submit to the faculty a written annual report at the end of each academic year;
    Appoint Senators, Alternate Senators or qualified faculty to represent the Faculty Senate on University-wide committees;
  • Facilitate communication among the Administration of the University, the Faculty Senate, and the faculty by meeting with the President or the President’s designee and the College Deans or their designees as necessary and by reporting to the faculty, as deemed appropriate;
  • Act on behalf of the Faculty Senate in emergency situations. In circumstances requiring immediate action, the committee may advise the Administration of the University on behalf of the Faculty Senate. It shall report its recommendations to the Faculty Senate at the next Senate meeting.

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