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Faculty Senate

2009-2010 Faculty and Institutional Relationships Committee

Jacobo Mintzer, Chair (COM-CS)
Yiannis Koutalos (COM-CS)
Sharon Bond (CON)
Kenneth Ruggiero (COM-CS)
Mark Bowden (CHP)
Ashli Sheidow (COM-CS)
V. Buhusi (COM-CS)
E. Short (COM-CS)
Tomy Chipas (CHP)
Eleanor Spicer (COM-BS)
Laura Cousineau (DLSI)
Natalie Sutkowski (COM-BS)
Shannon Drayton (COP)Michael Wargovich (COM-BS)
Jennifer Isaacs (COM-BS)Cynthia Welsh (COM-CS)
Peter Kalivas (COM-CS)
Ira Wilner (COM-CS)

The Faculty and Institutional Relationships Committee shall:

  • Consider issues pertaining to negotiations and procedures that, in a generic sense, apply to individual faculty. Examples of actions: Formulation of contracts, tenure/post-tenure review, promotions and rank, equity, sabbaticals, conflicts of interest, means of grievance.
  • Accept and evaluate requests to change the Faculty Handbook.

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