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Faculty Senate


2009 - 2010 Governance Committee

Brooke Fox, Chair (DLSI)
Angello Lin (COM-CS)
Charles Bratton (COM-CS)
Candace Moorer (DLSI)
Joan Cunningham (COM-BS)Omar Moussa (COM-CS)
Eddie Irions (COM-CS)Martina Meuller (CON)
Anouk Grubaugh (COM-CS)
Thomas Pope (COM-CS)
Paul Jacques (CHP)
Steve Rosenzweig (COM-BS)
Walter Limehouse (COM-CS)

The Governance Committee shall:

  • Govern the proceedings of the Senate;
  • Conduct Faculty Senate elections, certify eligibility of faculty for election, and maintain appropriate records of elections [See Ammendment 1 and Amendment 2];
  • Review the Faculty Senate’s governing documents and recommend changes to these documents as deemed appropriate;
  • Interpret the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws;
  • Codify changes or amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, as deemed necessary;
  • Call for nominations, establish slates, and conduct elections of officers of the Faculty Senate, as described in Article IV.A.;
  • Monitor and, as necessary, manage changes to the practices and procedures of the Faculty Senate, by revision to Bylaws as appropriate.

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