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Faculty Senate

2010-2011 Institutional Advancement Committee

Carol McDougall, Chair  (CON)
Hainan Lang (COM-CS)
Tod Brown (COM-CS)
Shaun Nguyen (COM-CS)
Laura Carpenter (COM-CS)Ellen Reimer (COM-CS)
Angela Chi (CDM)
Barton Sachs (COM-CS)
Brian Conner (CON)
Frank Stewart (COM-CS)
Jesse Dean (CHP)
Yusheng Zhu (COM-CS)
Nicholas Koch (COM-CS)

The Institutional Advancement Committee shall:

  • Monitor major trends in the life of the institution;
  • Track progress of action items discussed in the Senate throughout the administrative channels of the University;
  • Participate in strategic planning for the University;
  • Report back to the Faculty Senate where deemed appropriate;
  • Request that the Faculty Senate take a position or act on issues of general interest. Examples of actions: Collect information and report on major building activities, and on creation, development, or discontinuation of major units or departments.

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