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Carolyn Taylor M.D.

Carolyn Lee Taylor M.D.

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  • Associate Professor
  • College of Medicine
  • Pediatrics
Academic Focus
  • Echocardiography in congenital heart disease
  • Echocardiographic assessment of ventricular function, including evaluation of Barth Syndrome and other genetic forms of cardiomyopathy
  • Fetal echocardiography


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Major Research  Interests and Responsibilities:

Assessment of myocardial performance using echocardiography as well as evaluation of functional capacity in various forms of cardiomyopathy and cardio-skeletal myopathy are central to my clinical practice and research effort. My research funding has primarily been for clinical research in genetic forms of cardioskeletal myopathy, including Barth Syndrome and Pompe Disease. Using echocardiography to evaluate cardiac performance in various myopathic disease processes allows us to use different echocardiographic techniques to better understand cardiac performance, remodeling and response to therapies. I also currently participate actively in the Pediatric Heart Network with MUSC investigators on projects including the echo z-score project and various writing groups.