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Department of Family Medicine

Curriculum of Spirituality and Health Course

FAMMD 862 Clinical Medicine Spirituality and Health Course

Course Location: Downtown Family Medicine Clinic.
Course Description: Taking a spiritual history and referring patients with spiritual concerns to chaplains or ministers are basic clinical skills that every medical provider should learn. Inquiry into the spiritual areas of patients’ lives, previously considered taboo, is now taught as a method of delivering more “whole person,” comprehensive and compassionate care at the majority of medical schools. Spiritual inquiry is justified by the need to obtain important medical information and explore the patient’s point of view regarding their illness, but must be done in such a way that respects the patient’s privacy, confidentiality, and autonomy. Effectively integrating spiritual sensitivity into clinical practice is a challenge that should be addressed by all physicians and clinical care providers.

Course Objectives:

  • Learning Spiritual History
  • Integrating Sensitivity to Spiritual Needs into the Clinical Encounter
  • Become Knowledgeable regarding available Spiritual and Religious resources in the hospital and community
  • Develop skill and proficiency in taking a spiritual history and determining patients’ spiritual needs effectively

For 3rd and 4th Year Medical Students, click here for the Catalog of Electives.

For more information please contact:

Eric M. Matheson, M.D.


Chaplain Terry L. Wilson, D.Min.


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