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Family Medicine Rural Clerkship

Academic Days/Procedure Day

Academic DayIn addition to clinical care of patients and participation in community activities, students also participate in didactic activities for addressing clinical knowledge.

Orientation/Academic Days: Mandatory - Charleston

(NOTE:  Below is a typical schedule.  Students should refer to the pink calendar for their specific rotations for exact activity dates)

MUSC on campus (room announced by email to students in each rotation) - conducted by MUSC Family Medicine faculty members.  Rotation-specific details are included in the student’s orientation packet.

First WeekDays 1 & 2 of rotation - morning and afternoon (Orientation / Academic Day workshops)

Day 3 of rotation – begin at rural practice sites
Last Week              
Wednesday morning in clinic, afternoon return to Charleston

Thursday morning - Study time.  Afternoon - Final Exam/exit survey

Friday morning - OSCE. 

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