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Objective Structured Learning Experience (OSLE)
Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE)

In 2003-2004, MUSC Family Medicine introduced an OSLE into the Family Medicine Rural Clerkship to provide students with an OSCE-like learning experience. The OSLE is not graded and is purely a learning experience to help prepare students for the OSCE. The OSLE is on the second day of the rotation.

Students are paired into groups of 2-4 students. Students interact with the Standardized Patient based on scenarios given to them at the start of the OSLE. Students are evaluated on their ability to gather information, perform a physical exam, respond to emotion, and negotiate a mutually agreeable assessment plan with the patient. MUSC Family Medicine faculty members are also in the patient room and give students immediate feedback. Students have expressed great satisfaction with the OSLE and consider it excellent preparation for the OSCE at the end of the rotation.

The Family Medicine Rural Clerkship OSLE currently has 5 stations. There are 3 interview stations and 5 physical exam stations.

1 Physical Exam station:

                   Patient with shortness of breath/dizziness

1 Simulation station:

                 Unstable patient

1 Interview station each:         

                  Patient with chronic cough / smoking cessation

                 Ongoing care of patient with DM / motivational interviewing

                 Patient with hypertension / cultural competency 

OSCE - Last Day of Rotation

  • Stations are similar format to teaching OSLE.
  • Details are provided to students when they arrive at the OSCE location.
  • Students are evaluated by standardized patients on both clinical and interpersonal/communication skills.
  • No faculty feedback at OSCE.
  • The OSCE is part of the students final clerkship grade.


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