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A User's Guide to Agromedicine: The South Carolina Model, by Dr. Stanley Schuman and Samuel T. Caldwell, was published January 1, 2000 by Harwood Academic Publishers. This 181-page book discusses the importance of setting up an agromedicine program, how to start it, how to fund it, and how to develop and sustain it. To date, there is no other book on the market that outlines how administrators in community medicine, land-grant universities, rural health programs, and health agencies should go about setting up a successful program.

The purpose of this book is to fill an unmet need. A number of available excellent books deal with Environmental and Occupational Medicine (EOM) exposures in a manner that is too diverse and detailed for the busy clinician in primary care.

The organization of the mass of cumulative facts derived from environmental chemistry, toxicology, engineering and the clinical practice of what used to be called "industrial" medicine is commendable. However, these multi-authored compendiums reinforce the overwhelming nature of the data base which the specialist must use, but which the busy primary care clinician can only wish to acquire, someday, when he finds the precious time. Of course, computer access may help bridge the gap between too much and too little information.

ISBN 90-5702-510-8 Harwood Academic Press


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