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South Carolina Agromedicine Program

The AP is an agricultural medicine resource for all 46 counties in South Carolina. Agents of the Clemson University's Cooperative Extension Service and Regulatory Service Programs routinely refer clients to the AP for assistance. AP faculty and staff provide about 300 consultations per year to health care professionals and to the public. Consultations range from telephone inquiries to case investigations requiring in-depth literature review, consultation with specialists nationwide, and/or referral to the most appropriate agency or health care provider.

Exposure to pesticides in agriculture and in the home accounts for over one-half of the consultations. Other frequently consulted heath concerns include arthropod and spider bites and stings, food safety, and water quality. The AP has a specialized reference library, journal library, and a computerized literature data base to support consultations.

The AP does not make diagnoses over the telephone. Citizens with symptoms or with suspected health effects are referred to their primary care physician. The AP will then network with the physician and patient. If the patient does not have a primary care physician, the AP will refer the patient to a local physician. Frequently the referral is made to an Agromedicine Program Consulting Physician. If requested by the patient, evaluation by a physician in the Department of Family Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina is also available.

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