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Department of Family Medicine


Published Works by Family Medicine Faculty

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Current Year: FY 2013-2014

Joseph J. Benich III, MD

Hueston WJ, Benich III JJ, Christian NJ. Medical School Research Intensity and Academic Rank of Family Medicine Faculty. Family Medicine. January 2014; 46(1): 36-38.

Peter Carek, MD, MS

Carek PJ, Geiger W, Oelklaus MW, James W, Karty AM. Impact of reflective learning on physicians’ attitudes and care. J Contemp Med Edu. 2013; 1(3): 181-186. doi:10.5455/jcme.20130116112223

Alec Chessman, MD

Alexander W. Chessman; Review: Approved and some off-label preventive drugs reduce migraine frequency in episodic migraine. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2013 Oct; 159(8):JC11.

Alexander W. Chessman; Review: Sumatriptan plus naproxen improves acute migraine more than placebo, sumatriptan, or naproxen. ACP Journal Club. 2014 February 18; 160(4): JC8.

Chessman A, Chirina S, Mainous AG III, et al. fmCASES National Exam: Correlations With Student Performance Across Eight Family Medicine Clerkships. Abstract published within: Robinson, M. and M. D. Mendoza (2014). "Proceedings of the 2013 Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) Conference on Medical Student Education." Teaching and Learning in Medicine 2014;26(2):201-202.

Alex DeCastro, MD

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DeCastro A, Carek PJ. (2014). Osteoporosis. In E.T. Bope & R.D. Kellerman (Eds.), Conn’s Current Therapy 2014. (pp.594-598). Philadelphia: Elsevier Saunders.

Vanessa Diaz, MD, MS

Diaz VA, Mainous III AG, Gavin JK, Wilson D. Racial Differences in Attitudes toward Personalized Medicine. Public Health Genomics. 2013 September 27. Online First (DOI: 10.1159/00354785).

Diaz VA, Dickerson LM, Smith LL, Seawright K, Wessell A, Gavin JK, Chirina S, Knoll M, Player MS, McCutcheon A. Discrepancies in Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculation Affect Aspirin Use Recommendations in Patients with Diabetes. Southern Medical Journal. 2014; 107(6): 368-373.

Lori Dickerson, PharmD

Dickerson LM, Diaz VA, Jordan J, Davis E, Chirina S, Goddard JA, Carr KB, Carek PJ. Satisfaction, Early Removal, and Side Effects Associated with Long-Acting Reversible Contraception. Family Medicine. 2013; 45(10): 701-707.

John Freedy, MD, PhD

Freedy JR, Carek PJ, Dickerson LM, Mallin RM. On track for success: an innovative behavioral science curriculum model. Int J Psychiatry Med. 2013; 45(4): 299-310.

Butler DJ, Freedy JR. Editor’s Note. Int J Psychiatry Med. 2013; 45(4): iii-v.

Dipinpreet Kaur, MD

Hueston WJ, Kaur D. Upper respiratory Conditions. FP EssentialsTM, Edition No. 415. Leawood, KS: American Academy of Family Physicians; December 2013.

Lisa Mims, MD

Mims L, Savage A, Chessman A. Blisters on an elderly woman’s toes. The Journal of Family Practice. May 2014; 63(5): 273-274.

Mims LD, Mainous AG, Chirina S, Carek PJ. Do ABFM Board Pass Rates or Additional Curriculum Activities Affect Match Rates for Family Medicine Residency Programs?. Family Medicine. April 2014; 46(4): 276-281.

Mims LD, Mainous AG III, Chirina S, Carek PJ. Are Specific Residency Program Characteristics Associated With the Pass Rate of Graduates on the ABFM Certification Examination? Fam Med. 2014; 46(5): 360-368.

Steven M. Ornstein, MD

Litvin CB, Ornstein SM. Quality Indicators for Primary Care: An Example for Chronic Kidney Disease. J Ambulatory Care Manage. 2014; 37 (2): 171-178.

Andrea Wessell, PharmD

Wessell AM, Nemeth LS, Jenkins RG, Ornstein SM, Miller PM.  Medications for Alcohol Use Disorders in a Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network Implementation Study.  Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly 2014; 32(1):58-66. 


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