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Family Medicine Rural Clerkship

Florence County

Questions about housing may be directed to Marti Sturdevant (


Palmetto Primary Care
330 Mercy Street
Lake City, SC 29560
Phone 843-374-9355
Fax 843-374-9358

Benjamin W. Lamb, MD

Sports Medicine

Rural Health Clinic

McLeod Family Medicine Residency
555 E. Chevis Street
Florence, SC  29506
Phone 843-777-2800
Fax 843-777-2810

Gerard C. Jebaily, MD, MHSA, CMD
Kievers Cunningham, MD
Heather Shelton, MD

McLeod Family Medicine
755 East Smith Street
Timmonsville, SC  29161
Phone 843-346-3900
FAX 843-346-7839
Focell Jackson-Dozier, MD

Rural Health Clinic

Live Oak Medical Center
148 Sauls St
Lake City, SC 29560
Phone: 843-374-3621
Fax: 843-374-3624

Wade Lamb, MD 
Richard Ellis, MD
Albert Mims, MD
Ernest Atkinson, MD


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