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Intellectual Property Policy

The Intellectual Property (IP) Policy is designed to employees, students and others utilizing campus resources an overview of their rights as an inventor. This includes the distribution scheme for revenue sharing.

          FY16 IP Policy - for disclosures submitted on or after April 7, 2016

FY09 IP Policy - for disclosures submitted after July 1, 2008

FY97 IP Policy - for disclosures submitted before July 1, 2008

For details regarding why the FY09 IP policy is important to you and a description of the process by which it was created (Reprint of Catalyst June 2008), please click here.


Faculty Start-Ups

For information about MUSC's policies surrounding faculty start-ups, please visit the 'For Entrepreneurs' section of this site.


FAQs about MUSC Policies

What if I conceived of my invention on my own time?

The MUSC IP policy gives the university rights to anything that you create within your hired field of expertise. It is blind to the time used to work on the invention. Compliance with this policy is a condition of employment, student status, and campus resource utilization.

Who owns my invention?

Title to all potentially patentable inventions and conceived or first reduced to practice in whole or in part by members of the faculty or staff (including student employees) of MUSC in the course of their responsibilities or with more than incidental use of resources, belongs to MUSC. However, revenue generated from the innovation is shared with the creators as outlined in the IP policy.   

What does assignment of rights mean?

It means that you are transferring your rights to another party or entity. Assignment of rights to the university is a condition of your employment, student status, or resource utilization. The assignment form is used to formally document it. The assignment does not supersede the revenue sharing policy specified in the IP policy.

Does the IP policy cover manuscripts?

No, rights to traditional scholarly works stay with the author. Please be aware that those rights may have been transferred to the publisher of your manuscript or book chapter. 




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