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Office of Health Promotion
Office of Health Promotion

Message from the Director

Stephen P. Ethier, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Genomic Medicine
Countess Alicia Spaulding-Paolozzi
Endowed Chair in Breast Cancer Research
Hollings Cancer Center

The Center for Genomic Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina was launched in 2013 with the goal of bringing cutting-edge technology and expertise in genomics and genetics to MUSC. As the name of the center suggests, the core mission of the Center for Genomic Medicine is to foster basic, translational, and clinical research that helps the University achieve its main strategic goal of providing MUSC Health patients and their families with the best and most compassionate care anywhere. Genomic medicine is at the forefront of precision medicine as an understanding of the genetic and genomic basis of disease is driving and will continue to drive progress in treating and preventing a wide spectrum of diseases that affect people of South Carolina.

To achieve the goals of the center and to be part of the broader mission of the University, the Center for Genomic Medicine provides leadership in the following areas:
  • The CGM administers a Pilot Project Research program aimed at providing seed funding to members of the center that will allow them to obtain extramural funding for projects that are relevant to genomic medicine. Pilot project funding began in 2015 and we are currently in our third round of research funding. Already, this program has resulted in important breakthroughs in several areas of genomic medicine.
  • The CGM Administers two shared resources; the Genomic Sequencing laboratory directed by Dr. Robert Wilson, and the Bioinformatics Core, led by Dr. Gerald (Gary) Hardiman. These shared resources provide cutting edge technology and expertise that is necessary to move research and translational medicine forward. In addition, these core laboratories interact directly with the Cytogenetics and Molecular Pathology laboratories within the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine to bring cutting edge technologies in genomics and genetics directly to our patients.
  • The CGM organizes a seminar series in which leading scientists and clinicians in genomic medicine visit our campus to present their research and to meet our faculty and students.
  • The CGM organizes research focus groups composed of members of the center who have common interests in areas such as cancer genomics and genetics, genetic mechanisms of hearing loss, the role of genetics in Lupus and other auto-immune disorders, genetic mechanism of kidney disease, and many other areas.

Thus, the MUSC Center for Genomic Medicine is the organizing center for all aspects of genomics and genetics at MUSC. The Center for Genomic Medicine also has state-wide outreach as center members actively collaborate with scientists and clinicians at Clemson University, the University of South Carolina, The Citadel, the Hollings Marine Sciences Laboratories, and the College of Charleston. This is truly an exciting time in biomedical research and the members of the MUSC Center for Genomic Medicine are excited to at the forefront of this important area of work.

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