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Every Gift Makes a Difference

For more than 190 years, the Medical University of South Carolina has worked to educate the health care professionals of the future, save lives, conquer illness and end human suffering, in turn empowering people to make the most of the precious few days that make up a lifetime. We operate under a three-part mission of cutting-edge research, compassionate patient care and world-class education. To accomplish our goals, we rely upon the generous support of thousands of alumni, patients, like-minded citizens and friends of the University, businesses and foundations — donors who share our belief in the paramount importance of better health. As a state institution with limited resources, our excellence as a leader in health care for our state and region is only made possible through philanthropy. 


Thank-You Notes

The power of giving, the spirit of philanthropy.

Recent graduate John "Taco" Robinson worked a fast-food job to pay for med school

'At $6.50 an hour, you have to really decide what's important. Working that job was a big part of my life.'

John Robinson picked up a job at Taco Bell as a teenager with a singular goal in mind: to save enough money to attend a pre-medical school summer camp between high school and his freshman year of college...Read More

Father commits to fighting addiction and preventing overdoses

'My first son was addicted for eight years, and my second son was addicted for eight months.' 

One month after his second son died the same way as his first, Steve Grant reluctantly attended a work conference through Northwestern Mutual, where he works as a financial representative in Greenville. The speakers opened that morning in 2011 by telling the group that they didn’t want to talk about selling more insurance but instead to challenge their audience with a question: What will be your legacy...Read More


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