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A meaningful way to say thanks

Many times, patients ask us about ways to thank the doctors, nurses and others who cared for them during their stay at Medical University Hospital. By making a gift to the Giving Back Program, you can thank your caregivers in a meaningful way while helping them change what’s possible in health care for their patients.

Why your gifts are important

Gifts made to the Giving Back Program help pay for:

  • Hospital upgrades
  • New equipment
  • New and expanded patient care programs
  • Patient education materials
  • Continuing education for caregivers

In short, your gifts help us build and maintain the most professional and comfortable patient-care environment possible.

Ways to say Thanks

Featured Grateful Patient Stories

Research supported by local family explores connection between two devastating diseases

'We’re aiming to use the heart as a window to brain'

A single culprit – the slow build of sticky fat and other proteins – lies behind two of the most devastating diagnoses in elderly people...Read More

Local CEO makes gift to support Medical District Greenway

‘I think people do things in life because of their experiences’

Sean Mummert started small, with red wrist bands that nurses could scan to read everything they needed to know about patients. The bands used direct thermal printing to keep private health information off a printer ribbon, and Mummert’s team sold the idea to MUSC as a safe and secure improvement...Read More

Once a patient, now an advocate: Laura Zucker shapes local child-life landscape

“It was a terrifying feeling for me to be in a room full of people I didn’t know, and they knew me clinically. I didn’t realize at the time that other kids were dealing with that too.”

Laura Zucker remembers the cold white room and calm-voiced strangers trying to distract her...Read More

Grateful patients split gift between Parkinson's research, vision programs

Grateful Patients

‘I couldn't accept the diagnosis, so I ignored it.’

Donna Sternlieb’s vision had deteriorated so much that she began seeing things that weren’t there. Dots appeared on clean walls, and rocks became animals...Read More

Parents of heart patient support her surgeon's groundbreaking research


‘When you’re in an ICU with other families, you share with them in their good times, and you cry with them in their bad times.’


Just days after their first child's birth, Susan and Jason Smith turned their daughter over for heart surgery and shared a hospital waiting room with other worried parents...Read More