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Heart and Vascular Center

South Carolina has one of the highest death rates from heart disease, and our citizens suffer heart attacks at a younger age than those in many other states. Nearly one South Carolinian in two will die from heart and vascular problems.

To address this epidemic, the Medical University has developed a cardiovascular capability that ranks among America’s finest. Ours is the only comprehensive cardiovascular center in the state, offering the latest advances in pediatric and adult cardiology, interventional radiology, cardiovascular surgery and heart transplantation. Our cardiac program also includes programs in disease prevention, research, professional teaching, public health and community education.

Spotlight on Giving

Young entrepreneur raises money for heart research in honor of grandfather

William Manzi sells Lowcountry Lures at Wonder Works

“My goal is to be able to raise a good amount for cardiac research.” 

William Manzi started his business, a fly-tying company called Lowcountry Lures, before he finished elementary school...Read More

Parents of heart patient support her surgeon's groundbreaking research


‘When you’re in an ICU with other families, you share with them in their good times, and you cry with them in their bad times.’


Just days after their first child's birth, Susan and Jason Smith turned their daughter over for heart surgery and shared a hospital waiting room with other worried parents...Read More

Family fund honors man by supporting future nurses

“The nurses are there with you eight to 10 hours a day. They are vital to the patient’s well-being-- not just physical, but mental well-being.”

A few days after Jim Izant’s heart transplant, he slipped away from physical therapy and into the transplant waiting room, where he found the family of a man receiving a new heart that day...Read More


  • Healthcare

    A valuable health care resource

    The MUSC Health Heart and Vascular Center boasts some of the world’s best cardiovascular specialists and heart experts – and South Carolina’s only full-service heart and vascular center.

  • Discovery and Research

    A leader in research

    Support the continuation of the unique research program at MUSC, focusing on understanding the causes and creating the new therapies to address heart failure.