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$350,000 Raised
$400,000 Goal

Support the Macaulay Museum of Dental History

Located on the campus of the Medical University of South Carolina, the Macaulay Museum of Dental History was founded in 1975 to serve as the university’s repository for information and resources about the history of dentistry and dental practitioners.

A finer public collection of dental artifacts does not exist anywhere in South Carolina. The museum houses an impressive collection of dental memorabilia, including historical tools and instruments, a 19th Century dental-office display, a collection of dental chairs and a traveling dentist's chest from the Civil War era.

Our Challenge

Though its collection is both rich and expansive, the museum itself is in need of a structural, cosmetic and functional upgrade and renovation.

  • The building is in poor physical condition.
  • Its display cases offer limited visibility.
  • It lacks digital and interactive technologies.
  • The museum’s exhibits have not been updated in years.
  • The congested floor plan is difficult to navigate, especially for wheelchair-users.
  • It lacks the environmental control systems needed to ensure the safety of its contents.
  • The scant descriptive language marginalizes the exhibits’ educational value.

On another level, we believe that the museum is no longer a suitable tribute to its namesake, a man who served as an invaluable friend and mentor to generations of dentists in South Carolina, Dr. Neill Macaulay.

Our vision

It is our aim to raise $400,000 to renovate and update the Macaulay Museum of Dental History as an enduring tribute to Neill Macaulay and for the preservation of our profession’s history in the American South.

Specifically, we aim to:

  • Repair and modernize the museum.
  • Enhance its educational aspects.
  • Add new exhibits.
  • Restore and preserve individual exhibit items.
  • Enhance the museum’s accessibility.
  • Create an online version of its exhibits.
  • Add a new exhibit paying tribute to the life and achievements of Dr. Macaulay.

Our Goal

Between now and 2017, the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine will be celebrating its first 50 years as an institution. Our goal is to work with the state’s dental community and those with an interest in preserving the profession’s history and Dr. Macaulay’s legacy, to raise this amount as part of that celebration. We require $400,000 in private donations to make our vision a reality.

We hope that you will agree to partner with us in this endeavor. Make a gift today or view the naming opportunities available in the Macaulay Museum.

Learn more and help us reach our goal

Stephanie Oberempt

Stephanie Oberempt

Director of Development and Alumni Affairs

James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine



  • The Macaulay Museum Campaign

    Over the next 11 months we will complete the building renovation, redesign and install new exhibits, and celebrate with a rededication ceremony, honoring not only Dr. Macaulay, but all those who made the project possible.

  • Macaulay

    Are you a Macaulay Boy?

    As a member of the Southern Regional Education Plan, Dr. Neill Macaulay helped South Carolina dental students attend other states’ dental schools before the College of Dental Medicine at MUSC was established. If you or someone you know went to dental school thanks to Dr. Macaulay’s influence or advice, please let us know.