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$350,000 Raised
$400,000 Goal

Legacy Campaign Report

We have had tremendous success in reaching half of our fundraising goal. To each of you who has given, thank you. However, we still have work to do to reach our full potential, and we need your help to do so. At our current cash-in-hand level, we are able to complete ONLY the work on the building itself. In order to fill the space with the exhibits that tell the story of Dr. Macaulay and the history of dentistry in South Carolina, we need more gifts and pledges. Please help us by making a payment on your pledge and by spreading the word among your friends and colleagues who share your passion for this project. The Macaulay Renovation Campaign will only be successful with your help.

Our Supporters


Dr. Robert Berger
Dr. Patricia L. Blanton
Dr. W. Lynn Campbell
Mrs. Eliza Singleton Macaulay Carey
Dr. Julian H. Fair, III
Dr. G. Thomas Finnegan
Dr. Staci N. Gaffos
Dr. Theresa Gonzales*
Dr. Mai X. Huynh-Le & Dr. Long Huynh*
Dr. Harold W. Jablon, CODM Class of 1971
James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine
Dr. John A. Joseph, Jr. in memory of Dr. John A. Joseph, Sr.
Honorable Alexander Macaulay
Dr. Franklin G. Mason*
Dr. Cathy Moss and Dr. Will Owen, IV
Dr. & Mrs. Strother E. Murdoch, Jr. in memory of Dr. C. D. Falls
MUSC Library
Dr. James G. Padgett, Jr.
Dr. Theodore D. Ravenel, Jr.
Dr. James J. TenBrook
Dr. S. Michael Thurman, DMD in honor of Dr. Herbert Butts, DDS
Dr. Barbara A. Todd
Sherer Dental Laboratory, Inc.
South Carolina Dental Association
Waring Library Society

$2,500 - $9,999

Dr. Robert G. Austin
Dr. Harry Koutroulakis in honor of Sam G. Koutroulakis DDS
Dr. James Lemon
Dr. Ginger Macaulay
Dr. J. Ted Melchers III
Dr. P.D. Miller*
Dr. J. David Moss, Class of 1978
Dr. Rocky L. Napier*
Dr. Richard M. Sasnett
Pee Dee Dental Study Club
Dr. C. Harold Varn, Jr. & Dr. Allyson Varn Monferdini

$500 - $2,499

The Pierre Fauchard Academy SC Chapter
American Academy of the History of Dentistry
Archdale Family Dentistry, LLC
Dr. W. Eugene Atkinson II
Dr. Michelle D. Bedell
Dr. Raymond C. Bocklet
Dr. Brooke N. Bode
Dr. William J. Boykin
Dr. Richard H. Bryant, Jr.
Dr. Joseph Carastro IV*
Cranford Dental
Dr. James R. Decker
Dr. Thomas R. Edmonds
Dr. Mona T. Ellis
Dr. Cotesworth P. Fishburne, Jr.
Dr. Jeffrey J. Gardner
Charles W. Hanna, DMD
Dr. R. Boyd Hendrix
Mrs. Susan D. Hoffius
Dr. Tariq Javed
Ms. Toni R. Jernigan
M. Fort Jones DMD
Dr. Craig S. Karriker
Dr. C. Patrick Killen
Dr. Jeffrey J. Laro*
Dr. Fulton D. Lewis, III
Marshlands Family Dentistry PA
Dr. Thomas A. McDonald
Dr. Newman C. McGarity
Dr. Samuel T. McGill
Dr. William P. Mills, Jr.
Dr. Christie L. Moody
Dr. A. Lindsay Moore
Dr William T. Noonan, Jr.
Dr. John Parham
Dr. S. Edward Parker, Jr.
Dr. Edgar H. Peacock, Jr.
Dr. Kenneth A. Peavy
Dr. T. Carroll Player, Jr.
Dr. John E. Ross, III
Dr. Daniel N. Rumph
Dr. John J. Sanders
Dr. Rahul Saraf
Dr. William Sasser
Dr. J. Douglas Snowden
Dr. Thomas C. Stewart, Jr.
Dr. John H. Timmerman
Dr. James C. Todd III
Dr. Clifford A. Walker
Dr. Mary E. Watts
Dr. Charles D. Welch, Jr.
Mrs. Carolyn T. Wilson & Dr. William C. Wilson
Dr. Edward M. Wise, Sr.
Dr. Walter P. Witherspoon, Jr.
Dr. Joseph B. Workman III

Up to $499

Dr. Frank E. Abell, Jr.
Mrs. Judy M. Alcorn*
Arborview Dental Care, LLC
Dr. R. Paul Austin
Dr. John M. Baarcke
Dr. Jan M. Baraczek
Dr. Britney K. Bare*
Dr. Alton J. Barnett
Dr. Robert P. Bethea
Dr. Alan E. Blanchard
Dr. Robert H. Blease
Dr. Kathryn H. Bowers*
Dr. S. Michael Bozard
Dr. Jennifer D. Britt
Dr. Matthew J. Bronk
Dr. Arthur L. Bruce*
Mr. L. J. Burckhalter III
Dr. Themy J. Chakeris
Dr. Annie Chao
Dr. Mary Ann Childs*
Mrs. Carolyn S. Chisholm
Dr. William A. Cofer
Dr. Donald K. Copley*
Mrs. Frieda H. Corcoran
Miss April Crosby
Dr. James D. Dailey, Jr.
Edgefield Dental Clinic
Dr. Allen M. Edwards
The Honorable James B. Edwards
Dr. D. Alton Fanning, Jr.
Dr. Carl B. Freedman
Dr. James H. Gaines
Dr. Catherine A. Ha
Dr. Daniel W. Hall
Dr. Luther H. Hallman
Mrs. Georgia H. Hart
Dr. Christopher S. Henninger*
Dr. James P. Hentz, Jr.*
Mrs. Jennifer A. Hooks*
Dr. Joshua A. Hubbard*
Matthew Hubis DMC P.A.
Dr. Joseph G. Jenkins, Jr.
Joseph Dental Associates
Ms. Jennifer M. Kam
Dr. Mary Frances R. Knapp
Dr. Catherine B. Kotz
Dr. Terry L. Kunkle
Mrs. Linda H. Lathan*
Dr. Michael K. Lecholop*
Dr. Joseph M. Lewis
Live Oak Dental Specialists, Inc.
Ms. Cynthia E. Long*
Dr. Chermaine L. Lyde
Main Street Dental, P.A.
Dr. Amon A. Martin
Dr. Charles B. Maxwell
Mrs. Cynthia Mays
Dr. Thomas A. McDonald
Dr. Craig L. Milburn
Dr. James E. Miles*
Dr. Alice P. Moran
Dr. Susan Muller
Dr. William A. Myers III, FAGD
Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial
Palmetto Endodontics, PA
Dr. Nicholas A. Papadea
Dr. Suren Paravyan
Dr. William H. Phillipps
Dr. William R. Posey
Dr. John M. Reynolds
Dr. Rhea W. Richardson
Mr. Glenn R. Rivers*
Dr. William G. Sandifer, Jr.
Dr. Cordell Scott, II
Mrs. Sandra E. Shelley
Mrs. Barbara N. Sherer
Dr. Jeremiah J. Shiplov
Dr. Keenan W. Smith
South Carolina Periodontology, PA
Dr. Carol C. Stilwell
Dr. Dale L. Stone
Dr. Elzie L. Tate
Dr. Mason D. Wade
Dr. Mary E. Watts
Watts Dentistry LLC
Dr. Britney K. Welchel*
Mrs. Janice T. White*
Dr. Brian J. Wicenski
Dr. Mary E. Wicenski
Dr. Scott C. Wietecha
Dr. Philip C. Wilkins
Dr. Robert C. Wimberly, Jr.
Dr. Sonya L. Windham-Wilder
Dr. Jeanette S. Wingate

*Giving category predicated on fulfillment of pledged gift.

Updated 08/08/2017

  • The Macaulay Museum Campaign

    Over the next 11 months we will complete the building renovation, redesign and install new exhibits, and celebrate with a rededication ceremony, honoring not only Dr. Macaulay, but all those who made the project possible.

  • Macaulay

    Are you a Macaulay Boy?

    As a member of the Southern Regional Education Plan, Dr. Neill Macaulay helped South Carolina dental students attend other states’ dental schools before the College of Dental Medicine at MUSC was established. If you or someone you know went to dental school thanks to Dr. Macaulay’s influence or advice, please let us know.