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$350,000 Raised
$400,000 Goal

Naming Opportunities

*All contributors of $10,000 or more will also be permanently recognized on the donor wall in the College’s Clinical Education Center Class of 1971 Lobby.

Cornerstone Exhibits - $50,000 each (SOLD OUT)

Dr. Neill W. Macaulay Exhibit – RESERVED by Dr. Staci Gaffos

Introducing visitors to the museum’s founding collector and namesake, Dr. Neill W. Macaulay, this exhibit presents an overview of Dr. Macaulay’s life and achievements. Drawn from personal affects and interviews with those who knew him, this exhibit shares the passion and influence of the man who helped shape the lives and careers of generations of dental professionals.

Dental Education - RESERVED by the MUSC James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

This section will chronicle how the training of dentists has changed since the profession’s early days. Special attention will be paid to the founding of the MUSC College of Dental Medicine, as well as to pivotal figures in South Carolina’s dental-education history, including the college’s deans, Dr. James B. Edwards, and the “Macaulay Boys” whose career paths were shaped profoundly by Dr. Macaulay’s mentorship.

Rise of the Profession - RESERVED by the South Carolina Dental Association

This section will track the rise of dentistry as a biomedical specialty and the professionalization of the field through the establishment of the South Carolina Dental Association and its constituent societies, including the Charleston Dental Society and the Pee Dee Dental Society.

Evolution of Practice - $10,000 each (SOLD OUT)

Chronicling progress in the field of dentistry, five named areas will examine dentistry from its early beginnings when it was practiced by barbers and other untrained practitioners through the emergence of highly advanced specialists. The section will be supported by a series of “period exhibits” showing visitors what kinds of instruments and settings they might have encountered as dental patients at various eras in history. The five office groupings will document the evolution of the dental office in South Carolina, illustrating practices from the mid-19th century to mid-20th century:

  1. Itinerant Dentists – RESERVED by Dr. Cathy Moss and Dr. Will Owen, IV in memory of Dr. W. L. (Larry) Owen, III
  2. The Early Dental Office (plus conservation of all items in exhibit) - RESERVED by Sherer Dental Labs
  3. 1900’s Dentistry - RESERVED by Class of '77 in memory of Dr. William James Biggins
  4. 1930’s Dentistry - RESERVED by Dr. & Mrs. Strother E. Murdoch, Jr. in memory of Dr. C.D. Falls
  5. 1960’s Dentistry (plus conservation of all items in exhibit) - RESERVED by Dr. Franklin G. Mason

Macaulay Fellows - $10,000 Patronage

Consider taking a leadership role and becoming a permanent Macaulay Fellow by investing $10,000 or more in the renovation project. Fellows will be recognized permanently in the renovated Macaulay Museum as a special group of contributors who exemplify leadership and dedication to both Dr. Neill Macaulay and South Carolina dental history. The generosity of patrons is vital to renovating and sustaining the Macaulay Museum for the benefit of students, medical historians, the Medical University, and the citizens of South Carolina.

Macaulay Fellows include:

  • Anonymous
  • Dr. Robert Berger
  • Dr. Patricia L. Blanton, DMD
  • Dr. W. Lynn Campbell
  • Mrs. Eliza Singleton Macaulay Carey
  • Dr. G. Thomas and Rose Marie* Finnegan
  • Dr. Staci N. Gaffos
  • Dr. Theresa Gonzales, DMD
  • Dr. Mai Huynh-Le and Dr. Long Huynh
  • Dr. Harold W. Jablon, '71
  • James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine
  • Dr. John A. Joseph, Jr. in memory of Dr. John A. Joseph, Sr.
  • Honorable Alexander Macaulay
  • Dr. Cathy Moss & Dr. Will Owen, IV
  • Dr. and Mrs. Strother E. Murdoch, Jr. in memory of Dr. C. D. Falls
  • MUSC Library
  • Dr. James G. Padgett, Jr.
  • Dr. Theodore D. Ravenel, Jr.
  • Sherer Dental Laboratory
  • South Carolina Dental Association
  • Dr. James J. TenBrook, '89
  • Dr. S. Michael Thurman in honor of Dr. Herbert Butts, DDS
  • Dr. Barbara A. Todd
  • Waring Library Society

(as of August 8, 2017)

All contributors of $10,000 or more will also be permanently recognized on the donor wall in the Class of 1971 Lobby in the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine's Clinical Education Center.

Themed Cases - $5,000 each (ONLY 3 REMAINING)

Seven themed wall cases representing the museum’s collection in the areas of specific dental practice are available for sponsorship. Each case will showcase the instruments, the evolution of practice and materials, and innovations related to the following areas:

  1. Prevention - Dr. Rocky Napier
  2. Extraction - In honor of Sam G. Koutroulakis, DDS (1931-2016) of Beaufort, SC by Harry Koutroulakis, DMD, MAGD '86
  3. Restoration - Available
  4. Prosthetics - Available
  5. Pain Management - Theresa S. Gonzales, DMD and Patricia L. Blanton, DMD
  6. Technology - Dr. Julian Hal Fair, III
  7. Student Work - Available

Conservation Displays - $1,000 - $5,000 (ONLY 4 REMAINING)

Many of the objects and artifacts in the museum need individual conservation to restore their appearance for display and to ensure they will last for years to come. Exhibits will include dental chairs, cabinets, and instruments enhanced by the digital presentation of historic minutes and images from the Charleston Dental Society, the South Carolina Dental Association, and Pee Dee Dental Society. Additional opportunities to sponsor conservation projects are available at various levels. Please inquire for more details.

  • Five Dental Chairs (4 Available) - $5,000 each; RESERVED by Dr. C. Harold Varn, Jr. and Dr. Allyson Varn Monferdini
  • Four Display Cabinets (SOLD OUT) - $2,500 each; RESERVED by Dr. Joseph David Moss '78, Dr. Craig S. Karriker, Dr. J. Ted Melchers, III, and Dr. and Mrs. Robert Glenn Austin
  • Two X-Ray Units (SOLD OUT) - $1,000 each; RESERVED by Dr. James Todd, III and Dr. T. Carroll Player, Jr.
  • The Macaulay Museum Campaign

    Over the next 11 months we will complete the building renovation, redesign and install new exhibits, and celebrate with a rededication ceremony, honoring not only Dr. Macaulay, but all those who made the project possible.

  • Macaulay

    Are you a Macaulay Boy?

    As a member of the Southern Regional Education Plan, Dr. Neill Macaulay helped South Carolina dental students attend other states’ dental schools before the College of Dental Medicine at MUSC was established. If you or someone you know went to dental school thanks to Dr. Macaulay’s influence or advice, please let us know.