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Dean's Circle

The College of Pharmacy Dean’s Circle is made up of all of our current and planned giving donors to the college. We understand that donors have many choices for their philanthropic support and we are grateful to each of our donors who help us in imagining what’s possible in pharmacy education.

Members of the Dean’s Circle receive special personalized communication from the dean and recognition in the college’s publications.

Join the Dean's Circle

2016-2017 Members

Mr. Joseph W. Addison

Dr. Thomas W. Algozzine

Dr. Abeer A. Alsamari

Dr. Eric Amoah

AnMed Health

Anonymous *

Mr. John A. Archambault and Dr. Mary L. Archambault

Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Artymowicz

Dr. Anne M. Baciewicz

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bagg

Dr. Kaitlyn E. Barfield

Dr. Shelly B. Barrow

Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Bednarczyk

Mr. Christopher Behr and Dr. Connolly P. Behr

Dr. Casey N. Bell and Mr. Reginald D. Bell

Dr. Travis J. Bemiss

Dr. Brittany S. Bernardino

Mr. Pledger M. Bishop III and Dr. Tracy D. Bishop

Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Blackmon

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Bobo, Sr.

Dr. Jonathan B. Boggs

Dr. Nicole M. Bohm and Mr. Ronald R. Neyens

Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Bonk *

Dr. John A. Bosso and Dr. Jean M. Nappi

Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Botzis

Dr. William W. Brabham and Dr. Margaret M. Brabham

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Bradham

Dr. Scott W. Bragg

Mr. Steven G. Branyon and Dr. Carrie A. Branyon

Mr. Jeffrey R. Brittain

Dr.+ and Mrs. Richard T. Brock *

Dr. Paige S. Brockington

Mr. Howard D. Brooks

Dr. Renae M. Brooks

Mr. Tim Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Ranald M. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Emory O. Brown

Dr. J. Leo Brueggeman *

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Brunson

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Bull

Mr. Charlie R. Bullington and Dr. Wendy M. Bullington

Dr. W. Ray Burns

Dr. Sarah E. Bush

Dr. Jenna G. Byrd

Dr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Cambre

Dr. Erin M. Canady

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cantey

Dr. Hannah M. Caplan and Mr. Robert Watson

Dr. Deborah S. Carson

Mr. M. Shannon Carter and Dr. Allison C. Carter

Dr. Mark Caspi

Dr. Brittany L. Cauller

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Cauthen

Dr. Wai-Ting Chan

Dr. Danielle A. Chavez

Dr. Jinyao E. Chen

Dr. Alexander W. Chessman and Dr. Katherine H. Chessman

Dr. Jordan M. Chiasson

Ms. Janice E. Childress

Mrs. Rosalind P. Chorak

Dr. C. James Chou

Ms. Mary Anne Cisa

Dr. Andrew H. Colvin

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Combee, Jr.

Dr. Matthew B. Combs and Dr. Tiffany H. Combs

Mr. Gary C. Cooper *

Ms. Jacquelynn E. Cooper *

Dr. and Mrs. John F. Cormier

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Corn

Dr. Rachel L. Couchenour

Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow W. Cox, Jr.

Mr.+ Robert D. Craft and Mrs. Alycia A. Craft *

Dr. Noelle A. Crawford

Dr. Ashlyn G. Cribb

Mr. Gary E. Crickenberger

Dr. Charles A. Crickman

Mrs. Trina M. Crocker

Dr. Margaret A. Croom

CVS Health

CVS Health Foundation

CVS Pharmacy, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Cyr

Mr. James H. Davis

Dr. Jessica L. Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony T. DeClue

Dr. Robert V. DeClue

Dr. Samantha J. F. DeLoache

Mr. and Mrs. John W. DeMars, Jr.

Dr. Paul W. Dempsey and Rev. Paula Jo C. Dempsey

Mr. Butler Derrick III

Mr. Christopher J. Devine and Dr. Dawn M. Devine

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Diggins, Jr.

Dr. Joseph T. DiPiro and Dr. Cecily R. DiPiro

Dr. Joseph A. Dismukes

Dr. Carrie L. Dowling

Dr. Karen C. Downer

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Doyle III

Mr. and Mrs. Trevor M. Draper

Dr. Shannon J. Drayton

Captain and Mrs. Charles 

A. Drouillard

Dr. Peni M. Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dunmyer *

Mr. Woody Du Rant and Dr. Anna L. DuRant

Dr. Claire E. Dysart

Mr. Barry A. Earle

East Cooper Family Pharmacy, Inc.

Dr. Heather Easterling

Mr. Steven T. Eggleston

Dr. John R. Ezekiel

Dr. Caleb A. Fackler

Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Farfone

Dr. Andrew Fariello and Dr. Ruby A. Fariello

Dr. Kerri R. Farrelly

Dr. Joli D. Fermo

Dr. Andrew D. Finley and Dr. Rebecca H. Finley

Dr. Jonathan P. Fisher

Dr. Sarah A. Fisher

Flanders, Inc.

Dr. Paul A. Fleming

Mr. James T. Flynn

Mr. Steven Lee Fournier and Dr. Deena R. Fournier

Dr. and Mrs. Tom Frank

Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Franklin

Fred’s Pharmacy

Dr. Joni L. Freitas

Dr. Morgan S. Fuqua-Byrd

Dr. Micaela Furest-Cataldo

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gajewski

Dr. Emily A. Gaman

Mr. Perry L. Garner and Dr. Sandra S. Garner

Dr. Kelli L. Garrison

Mr. and Mrs. Jay T. Gerhart

Dr. Samantha D. Giles

Mr. Skip Gilliam and Dr. Jennifer S. Gilliam

Dr. Sarah L. Glaholt

Mr. Francis R. Glasser, Jr.

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Goldberg

Dr. and Mrs. William H. Golod *

Dr. and Mrs. Morris D. Gordin

Dr. Stephen J. Gordin

Ms. Abby K. Grady

Dr. Anastasia E. Graham

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Graham II

Mrs. Lisa H. Gramling

Mr. Jonathan C. Gravgaard and Dr. Charlene D. Gravgaard

Greenville Health System

Dr. William C. Griffin III and Dr. Holly R. Griffin

Grimball Farm, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Grogan

Dr. Christopher V. Groke

Dr. Nina J. Guo

Dr. Anyanime A. Hale

Dr. Philip D. Hall and 

Dr. Rayna Kneuper-Hall

Dr. Mark T. Hamann

Mr. and Mrs. Wade A. Hamilton

Dr. Drayton A. Hammond

Dr. Erica D. Hanesworth

Dr. Jason S. Haney and Dr. Amy C. Haney

Dr. Ester R. Hare

Dr. Molly E. Harpe

Dr. Corbyn Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham I. Hay

Dr. Genevieve L. Hayes

Dr. Liston D. Hayes, Jr.

Healthkeeperz, Inc.

Col. (Ret) and Mrs. William M. Heath

Ms. Elizabeth T. Heckel

Mr. and Mrs. Theron C. Hegler, Jr.

Mr. Jonathan P. Heh and Dr. Julia M. Heh

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Henry

Dr. Annlizbeth O. Hernandez

Dr. M. Quinn Herr and Mr. John P. Herr *

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Herring

Mr. Robert M. Hill and Dr. Elizabeth G. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Waring W. Hills III

Dr. Katelyn O. Hnat

Dr. Jessica L. Ho

Dr. Mark W. Hohenwarter and Dr. Susan M. Hohenwarter

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Holladay

Dr. Kathryn M. Holt

Mr. Ernest C. Hood IV

Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hook

Dr. Katherine C. Hoover

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Horger

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hubbard III

Dr. David C. Hughes

Dr. Heather R. Hummel

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Humphries, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Kelly Hunt

Infusion Care of South Carolina, Inc.

Intramed Plus, Inc.

Dr. Julianne L. Isaac

Dr. Kenneth H. Jackson and Dr. Cherry W. Jackson

Mrs. Marylee Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Jacobs

Dr. E. Christopher James *

Mr. Lavern R. James

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers G. Jarvis

Dr. Meredith S. Jenkins

Dr. Jaleel D. Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. Junior Johnson

Joint MUSC Alumni Association

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Kelly W. Jones

Mrs. Hamilton R. Kanellos

Dr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Karig

Kelly’s Family Pharmacy

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Kemmerlin

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kercher, Jr.

Dr. Fred O. Kessler IV

Dr. William M. King IV

Dr. Katherine C. Kinlaw

Stephanie E. Kirk, PharmD

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Knight

Dr. Kyle P. Kokko

Dr. Jameson A. Korb

Dr. William M. Lake

Dr. Callie A. Lane

Dr. Marc LaPointe and Ms. Helene Tremblay

Dr. Laura A. Leathers

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Lee

Dr. Kawon Lee

Mr. Dean Legge and Dr. Jessica T. Legge

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Lehman

Lt. George A. Lesher, Jr. and Dr. Beth A. Lesher

Ms. Grace L. Lewis

Dr. Ryan P. Linton

Mr. Frank Bono and 

Dr. Carol M. Liotta-Bono

C.W. & Dorothy G. Love Foundation Inc.

Dr. Sara A. Lucas

Dr. Caroline E. Luhn

Dr. Don A. Lusk and Mrs. Fiona Davidson-Lusk

Dr. Ashley V. Mack

Dr. Swati T. Mahajan

Dr. Melissa K. Maher

Mr. Jesse H. Manuel, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Marks

Dr. Katsiaryna Maroz

Dr. Alison W. Martin

Dr. Marla M. Martin

Ms. Joanna L. Matheney

Mr. and Mrs. William Mauritz

Dr. Meshell J. Maxam

Dr. Whitney D. Maxwell

Mr. James D. May

Dr. Meghan E. May

Dr. Joseph E. Mazur and Dr. Jennifer R. Mazur

Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. McDow

Dr. and Mrs. Julian E. McGill

Dr. Katelin H. McGory

Dr. Megan N. McGugan

Dr. Lauren C. McKibben

McLeod Health

Dr. Lance W. McLeroy

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. McWhorter

Dr. Ryan P. Medved

Mr. Gary L. Milhorn II and Mrs. Karla M. Sistare-Milhorn

Mrs. Katherine A. Moore

Mr. T. Freddie Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Carter Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Morris, Jr.

Dr. Matthew J. Morrisette

Dr. Cambren L. Morrison

Dr. Joshua C. Mount

Dr. Cristina E. Murphy

Mr. Bill Myers and Dr. Kendra K. Myers

Dr. Dev D. Naik

The National Philanthropic Trust

Dr. Barbara A. Needham

Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Neuroth

Dr. Donna M. Newman

Dr. Mark A. Newnham and Dr. Marisel Segarra-Newnham

Dr. and Mrs. Nathan S. Newton, Jr.

Ms. Anhthu T. Nguyen

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald O. Nickel

Dr. Jacqueline N. Nicola

Dr. Mark A. Ninno and Dr. Sharon K. Ninno

North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug Co.

Novartis Charitable Giving Campaign

Dr. Kristina E. Nureeva Ferrell

Dr. Tyler J. Nuss

Nye’s Pharmacy of Conway, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John P. O’Brien, Jr. *

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Oakley

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery D. Osmer

Mr. John W. Owen, Sr.

Dr. Shandi Pack

Palmetto Health Alliance

Dr. Heather R. Paschal

Dr. Alice L. Paysinger

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Peacock, Jr.

Dr. William Peacock

Dr. Kaitlin M. Pell

Dr. Whitney B. Pence

Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Pendarvis

Mr. and Mrs. R. Mark Pender

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent T. Peng *

Dr. Dayna A. Perkins

Dr. Taylor N. Peters

The Pharmacy Network 

Foundation, Inc.

Phi Lambda Sigma

Dr. Linette A. Phillips

Mr. Timothy C. Pigg

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron R. Pinosky

Dr. Casi S. Pippen

Mr. James S. Pitts

Dr. James W. Pitts, Jr. and Dr. Katherine J. Pitts

The Reverend Dr. John Vernon Platt + *

Mr. Todd Platt

Dr. Casey L. Polt

Mr. James E. Ponder, Jr.

Dr. Matthew W. Pruitt

Mr. James M. Prutting and Dr. Stacy M. Prutting

Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.

Dr. Blake F. Putney

Dr. Jennifer R. Raffa

Dr. Dominic P. Ragucci and Dr. Kelly R. Ragucci

Mr. Michael A. Ramirez and Dr. Krista G. Ramirez

Mr. and Mrs. Steve B. Ratliff

Dr. Gretchen L. Redline

Mrs. Diane R. Reeves

Dr. and Mrs. George P. Reid III

Dr. Valerie O. Relias

Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Ridlehuber

Rite Aid Corporation

Dr. April M. Robinson

Dr. Michael G. Robinson

Mr. Peter Rogers and Dr. Jennifer C. Rogers

Mr. Scott E. Rosch and Dr. Whitney M. Rosch

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel I. Rosen

Mr. Clinton A. Ross

Mrs. Carole S. Russell

Dr. Stefanie C. Sarratt

Dr. Clarence E. Schiltz III *

Schwab Charitable Fund

Dr. Russell E. Seay, Jr. and Ms. Susan Massaro

Dr. Ethan J. Sebring

Dr. Beth A. Segars

Dr. Brooke E. Shaner

Dr. Heather D. Sharpe *

Dr. Katelyn E. Shatz

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Shealy

Dr. and Mrs. L. Randolph Shelley, Jr.

Dr. Brandi S. Sherbert

Dr. Elissa R. Sheridan

Dr. and Mrs. David W. Shirley

Mr. and Mrs. D. Thomas Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Sims

Dr. Walter H. Singleton III

Mr. Thomas G. Slaughter + *

Dr. Ashley B. Smith

Dr. Laryssa R. Smith

Ms. Margaret T. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Seth C. Smith, Jr.

Mr. Smith and Dr. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Smythe II

Ms. Carolyn Sohn

Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Soltis

South Carolina Pharmacy Foundation

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Dr. Jenna L. Spell and Mr. Timothy R. Spell

Mr. Edward A. Spence and Dr. Virginia E. Spence

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Stabler

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Stamatiades, Sr.

Dr. Lindsay M. Stang

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Steadman

Dr. and Mrs. John G. Steedman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Stehlik

Mr. Gregory D. and Dr. Jennifer L. Stephens

Dr. James J. Sterrett and Dr. Jennifer N. Sterrett

Dr. Gideon A. Stitt

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Stone

Dr. and Mrs. Harry H. Suber

Dr. Jenna C. Sunkin

Mr. Arthur M. Sutherland

Mr. and Mrs. Marion B. Sweatt

Dr. Francis R. Sykes

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Sypniewski, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thad Tallent

Mrs. June A. Taylor

Mrs. Kelly K. Teague

Mr. Noble L. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Thompson

Dr. Ann W. Thornhill

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Todd

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Tomlinson, Jr.

Dr. Emmy L. Tran

Dr. and Mrs. Ryan M. Turner

Dr. John D. Tyrrell

Dr. Walter E. Uber and Dr. Lynn A. Uber

Ms. Stephanie C. Vance

Mr. Douglas R. Vanderford

Mrs. Nancy L. Vescovi

Dr. and Mrs. Diedreich P. von Lehe, Jr.

Mr. Brian Waldron and 

Dr. Danielle B. Waldron

Walgreens Company

Ms. Elizabeth R. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Archie B. Ward

Ms. Mavis C. Waymer

Dr. Katherine L. Weldon

Dr. Roger L. White

Dr. Stephanie C. Whiteside

Mr. and Mrs. David Whitlock *

Dr. Pamela A. Whitmire *

Dr. William A. Wier IV

Dr. and Mrs. Donald B. Wiest

Mrs. Linda H. Wilkens

Mr. Ralph M. Wilkie + *

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry O. Williams, Jr.

Mr. Richard D. Williams

Dr. Christopher S. Wisniewski and Mrs. Jennifer N. Wisniewski

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Witherspoon

Mr. Chi Shing Wong and Dr. Delores J. Wong

Dr. Jerome Woodberry, Jr.

Dr. Thomas J. Worrall and Dr. Cathy L. Worrall

Dr. Patrick M. Woster and Ms. Carin Jorgensen

Dr. Shannon N. Wright

Dr. Christian E. Younts

Dr. Zhi Zhong

Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Zompa

Dr. Deborah A. Zurek


* Indicates member(s) of the 

   Legacy Society

+ deceased

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