MUSC cardiology fellow instructs Tanzanian health care workers

Hearts beating stronger across the globe

Before MUSC cardiology staff and students began their outreach work in Tanzania, residents of the East African nation had to travel thousands of miles and across an ocean to India for heart care.

MUSC medical teams have contributed to the development of a sustainable cardiac program that provides our faculty, advanced trainees and students with global health experience and Tanzanian medical workers with the training needed to carry that life-saving work forward. Patients in Tanzania now can undergo catheterizations and even complex bypass surgeries right at home -- safely.

MUSC cardiology fellow instructs rural Tanzanian health care workers
Dr. Pam Maur, third year MUSC cardiology fellow, instructs rural Tanzanian health care workers on the use of handheld cardiac ultrasound.

Within the next few years, the leading cause of death among Tanzanians no longer will be communicable disease but instead the same medical problems that we face in the United States, and particularly the Southeast.

YES gifts to the Global Health for Cardiology Fund serve this critical need in Tanzania. MUSC employees who support worldwide access to quality medical care can help to make hearts beat stronger -- even continents away.