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Read the latest headlines and philanthropy news from across the colleges, departments and centers at MUSC.

Meet Gabe Johnson

We want to share a conversation we recently had with Dana Johnson, whose son, Gabe, will be a model at our special Raise the Runway fashion show coming up next month...Continue

Valentine’s Day gift means better care for MUSC’s youngest patients

'I think we were taking life for granted, frankly. You don’t know how lucky you are until it almost gets taken away from you.'

Laura Stone saw the Valentine’s Day gift on the table and suspected what was inside: a car catalog and an unspoken nudge from her husband to replace her old vehicle...Read More

Hilton Head musicians contribute half of CD sales to sarcoidosis, multiple sclerosis research

'It broke my heart to see how the disease affected him. I knew that if I could give one day, that’s what I’d want to support.'

Frederick Capers tried to ignore the chest pain, but it worsened and worsened until he landed in the hospital in Hilton Head Island, where his discomfort stumped doctors as well...Read More

A simple nasal spray saves lives
naloxone nasal spray
Naloxone nasal spray

A simple nasal spray can reverse the effects of drug overdose and save lives, even after a person stops breathing. Thanks to generous contributions to the YES Family Fund, pharmacists at MUSC’s Institute of Psychiatry can ensure that caregivers for high-risk, uninsured patients have access to this spray when they need it...continue

New NICU to offer couplet care to keep families together from birth

The MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital will provide the best medical care in the most comfortable setting. That idea starts at birth, even in the neonatal intensive care unit...Continue

Twins spend first months of life in neonatal intensive care unit

Leslie Jackson left her prenatal checkup in an ambulance bound for MUSC. The twin boys growing inside were 22 weeks and 6 days old, a gray area as to whether they could survive outside the womb...Continue

Tom's Story - 2018 YES Campaign

Seven years ago, my daughter Perry battled a brain tumor, and she has worked ever since to overcome its consequences. It’s important for me to give back because it reminds me of my gratitude for MUSC — the therapists, staff, doctors, nurses, and countless others who’ve helped my daughter—and smiled at her in the hallways—each step of her beautiful life...continue

Brooklyn, 8, uses donations to provide gifts to young psychiatry patients

'One child said this is the first time he didn’t feel forgotten.'

Christmas for children in treatment at MUSC’s Institute of Psychiatry can prove especially trying...Read More

Murdoch family’s gift preserves dental history on MUSC campus

'Some people were against taking a student that old, but he went to bat for me and several of my classmates'

Tucked off a footpath through the heart of MUSC’s campus, the Macaulay Museum of Dental History chronicles not only the university’s journey to training South Carolina’s dentists but the urgent need that precipitated its opening ...Read More

One of a kind dentistry
Nicolás Lyford-Pike, who paints constellations from memory, works on his art at Fabulon Center for Art and Education. He is a patient at the Kaminsky Special Care Dentistry Clinic.
Nicolás Lyford-Pike, who paints constellations from memory, works on his art at Fabulon Center for Art and Education. He is a patient at the Kaminsky Special Care Dentistry Clinic.

For special-needs patients, a simple dental cleaning can become a traumatic experience if the facility doesn’t accommodate wheelchairs or employees aren’t trained to communicate in a calm and reassuring manner. When Nicolás Lyford-Pike and his family relocated to Charleston from Indiana, his parents worried about replacing Nicolás’ dentist of 23 years, someone who knew how to care for a deaf patient with autism and epilepsy...continue

The heart of our new hospital

During American Heart Month, we are pleased to tell you a little more about the heart center that will open in the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital in 2019.

Thanks to advances in medicine, we now can treat more complex, previously untreatable heart problems in children than ever before. But these new capabilities have created a demand for space, equipment, amenities, services and specialists.  Your gifts are enabling us to make these investments so that we can continue providing young patients with every possible advantage afforded by modern medicine...Continue

This kit saves lives
E.S.C.A.P.E. Kit contents
Gifts to the YES Family Fund make possible boxes with specialized safety items for families with autistic children.

A simple kit developed through support from the YES Family Fund could save young lives. One in 68 people receives an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. MUSC’s Dr. Silvia Pereira-Smith found that, of the nearly 400 patient families she surveyed, almost 70 percent of children with autism also exhibit dangerous elopement behavior, or leaving an area without permission...continue

A new life for Saviour: Orphan from Ghana finds friendship and healing

Saviour Mbamba works with students in Dr. Patty Coker-Bolt's (far left) pediatric occupational therapy class.

'He just decided he was going to walk.'

For his entire life, 10-year-old Saviour Mbamba only crawled, pulling himself on his battered hands, while his friends at the orphanage in Ghana played soccer around him...Read More

Lemonade stand with a purpose: former NICU patients and friend donate to help other children

Casey and Rachel Glowaci enjoy beach time with sons Liam and Grey.

'MUSC saved them'

Three boys opened up an Isle of Palms lemonade stand hoping to make a little cash but earned something more valuable instead...Read More

Laughter and tears: My experience as a volunteer

Haley Sulka is an alumni and development coordinator and a volunteer at the MUSC Children’s Hospital.

When I think about the past three years of living in Charleston, there are so many moments and experiences that stand out. A lot of those moments happened in the MUSC Children’s Hospital. When I first moved here, applying to the volunteer program was at the top of my list. I love kids and thought it would be a good way to get involved and learn more about where I work. At the time, I didn’t think about how special an opportunity it would be to serve those children for a couple of hours every week and, in turn, for them to bless me as well. When I think back on my time spent on the seventh floor, countless faces and stories run through my mind. Some are sentimental; many are funny; and a few bring tears to my eyes...Continue

MUSC executive vice president plans gift to help other women achieve leadership roles in health care
Lisa Montgomery
Lisa Montgomery takes a commencement selfie with other university and Charleston leaders.

Lisa Montgomery began her career at MUSC as director of patient financial services.  After receiving a Master in Health Administration from MUSC’s College of Health Professions, she quickly moved up at MUSC – to controller, then to chief financial officer of the hospital.  Montgomery currently serves as executive vice president for finance and operations...Read More