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Read the latest headlines and philanthropy news from across the colleges, departments and centers at MUSC.

Tours to the top

In 2015, MUSC employees began answering the call to help build a new hospital that would serve children and families throughout the Lowcountry, state and region. The Yearly Employee Support (YES) Campaign gave them a way to do that...continue

A sense of calm in the chaos

Elizabeth Springs was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect during her mother’s 20th week of pregnancy.

Mary Loyal Springs’ first pregnancy was textbook – free of complications and picture perfect in every way. She and her husband, Lash, a primary-care physician, live in Murrells Inlet and enjoyed the wonderful birth of their daughter, Margaret Edens.

She recalled that birth when she learned she was pregnant with their second child in April 2017 and wondered if things would go as easily the second time around. She was enjoying the pregnancy and feeling good when an anatomy scan at 20 weeks detected an abnormality in the baby’s heart...Continue

An experienced, reassuring hand

Becky Dean joined MUSC in April 2015 as the RN coordinator for the Advanced Fetal Care Center.  Serving as a patient navigator for pregnant women carrying babies with complex congenital anomalies, Becky helps provide integrated and patient-focused care throughout their pregnancy and delivery. Becky recently answered a few questions about the Advanced Fetal Care Center...Continue

A look at Ozzie's project
Senior Child Life Specialist Morgan Ford and cystic fibrosis patient Joey Benton have fun with a Harry Potter Sorting Hat during one of Joey’s hospital stays.
Senior Child Life Specialist Morgan Ford and cystic fibrosis patient Joey Benton have fun with a Harry Potter Sorting Hat during one of Joey’s hospital stays.

For children confined to a hospital, especially those on isolation precautions, boredom and depression can creep in...continue

Scholarship established by former leader in president’s office helps nontraditional student

‘This reaffirms that, yes, you belong here’

Fifteen years after closing her textbooks, Melissa Koci packed up the life she built out west and came home to chase a dream she thought she had abandoned as a teenager...Read More

One employee shares MUSC’s role in her life over the past 35 years

‘MUSC has never been just my employer’

Debbie McCravy’s office sits inside the entryway of MUSC’s Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, so her job supporting fundraising activities also includes an unofficial role as ambassador...Read More

New helipad to fast-track regional care

When the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital opens next year, it will be equipped with a rooftop helipad, allowing the medical team to deliver rapid, lifesaving care to patients flown in from all over the state and beyond if necessary.  Senior Project Manager John Sion recently answered a few questions about this new amenity...Continue

Airlift care in action

Morgan Porter underwent a heart transplant at just 3 years old. More than six years later, she recently wound up back at MUSC – this time flying by helicopter from her home in Beaufort. Her mother, Sarah, shared their family’s experience...Continue

Local CEO makes gift to support Medical District Greenway

‘I think people do things in life because of their experiences’

Sean Mummert started small, with red wrist bands that nurses could scan to read everything they needed to know about patients. The bands used direct thermal printing to keep private health information off a printer ribbon, and Mummert’s team sold the idea to MUSC as a safe and secure improvement...Read More

Connecting land, food and health
Dental student Haiwen Zhang and medical student Riddick Blocker harvest sweet potatoes at the MUSC Urban Farm.
Dental student Haiwen Zhang and medical student Riddick Blocker harvest sweet potatoes at the MUSC Urban Farm.

From a half-acre in the middle of campus springs a unique place that connects land, food and health. The MUSC Urban Farm, now 6 years old, provides dozens of fruits and vegetables year-round and an escape from the clinical environment, where patients, employees and members of our community can get their hands dirty in the garden or just spend some quiet moments among the flowers...continue

Faculty member shares daughter’s story, why he contributes to MUSC

'We knew it could be cancer and that survival was unlikely'

For Tom Smith, Ph.D., MUSC became more than an employer after his daugther's birth. From her earliest months, Perry made a growling sound. Smith and his wife, MUSC cardiovascular intensive-care unit nurse Ellie Smith, called her “Perry Bear.” The growl seemed like a normal baby noise, until 3-month-old Perry spent all of Christmas Eve inconsolable while visiting family in Georgetown...Read More

Meet Gabe Johnson

We want to share a conversation we recently had with Dana Johnson, whose son, Gabe, will be a model at our special Raise the Runway fashion show coming up next month...Continue

Valentine’s Day gift means better care for MUSC’s youngest patients

'I think we were taking life for granted, frankly. You don’t know how lucky you are until it almost gets taken away from you.'

Laura Stone saw the Valentine’s Day gift on the table and suspected what was inside: a car catalog and an unspoken nudge from her husband to replace her old vehicle...Read More

Hilton Head musicians contribute half of CD sales to sarcoidosis, multiple sclerosis research

'It broke my heart to see how the disease affected him. I knew that if I could give one day, that’s what I’d want to support.'

Frederick Capers tried to ignore the chest pain, but it worsened and worsened until he landed in the hospital in Hilton Head Island, where his discomfort stumped doctors as well...Read More

A simple nasal spray saves lives
naloxone nasal spray
Naloxone nasal spray

A simple nasal spray can reverse the effects of drug overdose and save lives, even after a person stops breathing. Thanks to generous contributions to the YES Family Fund, pharmacists at MUSC’s Institute of Psychiatry can ensure that caregivers for high-risk, uninsured patients have access to this spray when they need it...continue

New NICU to offer couplet care to keep families together from birth

The MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital will provide the best medical care in the most comfortable setting. That idea starts at birth, even in the neonatal intensive care unit...Continue