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Changing What's Possible through Philanthropy

The power of giving, the spirit of philanthropy.

Pharmacy alumni, ’95, commit to taking care of patients, mentoring the next generation

'If we’ve proven one concept, it’s that you can take care of people in this corporate climate.'

Kelly and Kandi Hunt, a husband-and-wife business team, joke that they’d be a lot skinnier if they didn’t run a traditional family pharmacy...Read More

Los Angeles woman, moved by ‘Southern Charm’ story, donates 100 care packages to Children’s Hospital

'Some of these families that we met in the hospital had been there for months, and she’s giving them a little ray of hope and happiness.'

Tina Manguikian let the email sit in her drafts folder for 10 days before she sent it...Read More

Recent graduate John "Taco" Robinson worked a fast-food job to pay for med school

'At $6.50 an hour, you have to really decide what's important. Working that job was a big part of my life.'

John Robinson picked up a job at Taco Bell as a teenager with a singular goal in mind: to save enough money to attend a pre-medical school summer camp between high school and his freshman year of college...Read More

Father commits to fighting addiction and preventing overdoses

'My first son was addicted for eight years, and my second son was addicted for eight months.' 

One month after his second son died the same way as his first, Steve Grant reluctantly attended a work conference through Northwestern Mutual, where he works as a financial representative in Greenville. The speakers opened that morning in 2011 by telling the group that they didn’t want to talk about selling more insurance but instead to challenge their audience with a question: What will be your legacy...Read More

Cheers for 10 years!

10th Annual Gourmet and Grapes supporting Hollings Cancer Center

Holling's announces the 10th Annual Gourmet and Grapes

Prepare to be wined and dined during this weekend full of top culinary talent! You’ll see the return of favorites from years past as well as experiencing the talents of renowned chefs and winemakers joining us for the first time...Read More

Cells from girl who overcame brain tumor can help other patients

'It will allow one person’s tumor to be researched in many different ways to help everyone with that tumor.'

At age 5, Mary Scott Gallus needed three surgeries to remove a tennis ball-sized tumor from her brain...Read More

Taking the stress out of hospital visits: Middle-school students make, sell stress balls to help MUSC Children’s Hospital patients

Olivia and Maya present their check

'Now that we’re on the other end of it, we wanted to figure out how to give back.'

As Olivia Crosby sat in a hospital chair with her arm exposed, she couldn’t take her mind off the needle searching for her vein. She needed a distraction, and she suspected other kids did, too...Read More

Small-town family doctor establishes scholarship to help students pursue community medicine

Dr. Sam Stone and wife

'Don't let the debt determine what you do for the rest of your life'

Dr. Sam Stone planned his career at 5 years old and describes the years that followed as “one of those boring stories...Read More