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Read the latest headlines and philanthropy news from across the colleges, departments and centers at MUSC.

Palliative care in the new hospital

Palliative care is a medical specialty dedicated to providing patients and their families with relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of a serious, chronic or life-threatening illness.

It includes end-of-life care, but is different from hospice in that it often begins at diagnosis and continues throughout treatment...Continue

Palliative care: Support for the entire family

Born nine weeks early, Charlotte Williams spent 84 of her 93 days at MUSC Children’s Hospital, battling a series of infections, lung problems, and bleeding and swelling in the brain...Continue

Meet Hanna Epstein, palliative care team

Hanna is a nurse practitioner at MUSC Children’s Hospital and a member of the pediatric palliative care team. Her husband, Adam, and his extended family own and run Budget Blinds of Charleston. The company is a supporter of MUSC Children’s Hospital and has donated more than $28,000 for pediatric palliative care...Continue

Gift gives cancer patients exercise alternative and break from boredom

Bikes at Hollings

“When he got sick that was devastating to all of us … the students immediately wanted to do something to help.”

You have to be pretty special to have a fan club – especially one made up of teenagers...Read More

MUSC Arboretum
Trees at MUSC

The Yearly Employee Support (YES) Campaign is an annual fundraising drive that allows employees to make a contribution to a fund of their choice within the MUSC Foundation...continue

MUSC says goodbye to longtime friend-raiser/fundraiser
Jim and his wife
Jim and Chris Fisher

When Jim Fisher retired as MUSC’s vice president for development and alumni affairs on June 30, he ended a 39-year career that helped fuel the Medical University’s growth into a nationally recognized academic medical center...Read More

Meet Olivia Jenkins

Olivia is the daughter of Shawn Jenkins, a former patient of the MUSC Children’s Hospital, and a nursing student at the Medical University of South Carolina.  Olivia recently answered a few questions about her decision to attend nursing school and her journey with MUSC...Continue

Shawn Jenkins family treats children’s hospital construction team to breakfast

Shawn Jenkins and his family delivered breakfast to more than 500 construction workers who are building the new children’s hospital that will bear Jenkins’ name. The Jenkins family visited the construction site Aug. 28, surprising the Robins & Morton team with hundreds of fresh Chick-fil-A biscuits. Employees at the Dorchester Road restaurant were up as early as 1:30 a.m. hand rolling dough for Jenkins’ special delivery. The hot biscuits were to thank the construction workers for their hard work and commitment...Continue

Honoring Dr. Kilby
Dr. Kilby and family at home for Christmas

 Dr. J. Michael Kilby was passionate about providing optimal care for people living with HIV and dramatically expanded their access to medical care at MUSC. He was in charge of the federally-funded Ryan White programs, which help support clinical care for more than 1,000 HIV-infected adults and children from across South Carolina. In addition to being a gifted and dedicated clinician, Dr. Kilby also an active research scientist who devoted himself to the exploration of HIV and novel antiretroviral therapies...continue

Gift turns boy's burn experience into roles in video, comic book

Lucas para at home.

"I was standing on the stool to make some chocolate milk and the stool came out from underneath me. On the way down, I hit the pot of boiling water."

"I was in the kitchen with my mom while she was making spaghetti for dinner,” Lucas Parra said. “I used to use a stool to reach the counter to make a drink because I was pretty small. I was standing on the stool to make some chocolate milk and the stool came out from underneath me. On the way down, I hit the pot of boiling water...Read More

Crane operator controls best seat in the house

It takes a special person to do Dan Mickow’s job – one who has no fear of heights or, it would seem, lightning...Continue

CMN Hospitals Champion Riley Klim

Meet Riley Klim. Riley is a nephrology patient at MUSC Children’s Hospital, and is not only a member of the youth patient advisory committee for the new MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital, but has also been chosen to represent the MUSC Children’s Hospital as the 2018 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion. Riley will serve as the face of all local CMN Hospitals campaigns throughout the 2018 calendar year.  Riley recently answered a few questions about being the CMN Hospitals Champion and his health journey...Continue

From scholarship to friendship

Renee Black and Erica Tollerson

"She will no doubt change many lives"

Education, respect, diligence, and kindness have remained core values in Renée Black’s family throughout the generations...Read More

South Carolina’s only children’s burn center

As the only pediatric burn referral center in the state, we care for hundreds of children like Lucas each year in our hospital, emergency department and outpatient locations. We treat all burns, ranging from minor to severe.

In keeping with the hospital’s focus on family-centered care, we have staffed and trained our burn team to meet the full spectrum of physical and emotional needs – not just the child’s, but also those of his or her entire family...Continue

Patient Profile: Lucas Parra and his mom, Ashlee

Lucas, center, visits U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham with a group of family and friends in Washington, D.C.

Patients and families from children's hospitals across the country gathered in Washington, D.C., on June 26 -27 to advocate on behalf of children's health during the 14th annual Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day. Lucas Parra represented MUSC Children's Hospital at this special event, where he talked with members of Congress about his health journey and the importance of children’s health care. Lucas and his mom, Ashlee, recently answered a few questions about his experience in D.C. and his health journey...Continue

Together, we did it!

We raised over $460 in 2018 with 5% increase in giving and over 300 programs supported.

This year we set two challenging goals: (1) Increase the total raised during the YES Campaign and (2) grow the number of participants....continue