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The power of giving, the spirit of philanthropy.

Every day, generous MUSC supporters change the lives of students, researchers and patients. Each month, we share some of their stories, tracing the spirit of philanthropy to those who benefit from it.

Dear Donors

Pharmacy student explains why anonymous scholarship support is about more than money 

Dear donor,

Although I may never get the chance to meet you, I want to thank you for providing me, a perfect stranger, with the ultimate gift. Education is something I have valued over most other things in life, making your contribution priceless...Read More

Dear Doctors

Mother writes to team that cared for her daughter who needed heart surgery 12 years ago

Dear MUSC Children’s Hospital team,                 

Twelve years ago, we were blessed with a wonderful surprise — our fourth child, Elle.  Weighing in at 10 lbs., 7 oz., she was a healthy baby girl!  But at about three and a half weeks old, Elle started showing behavior that I had not seen in my other three children...Read More

Husband vows to fulfill 'Marti's Wish' in hopes of saving lives from rare cancer

‘If we save one life this year, then we’ve accomplished the goal’

For 23 years, Harry and Marti Parnell did everything together.

He didn’t fish or hunt with the guys, and she didn’t plan girls’ nights out...Read More

Pediatric dentist and husband support MUSC clinic for patients with special needs

‘Thanks to their donation and other donations, we’re doing whatever patients need’

Patient rooms decked out to look like robot repair shops or the ocean floor make Coastal Kids Dental & Braces more inviting for the patients seen there...Read More

Grateful patients split gift between Parkinson's research, vision programs

Grateful Patients

‘I couldn't accept the diagnosis, so I ignored it.’

Donna Sternlieb’s vision had deteriorated so much that she began seeing things that weren’t there. Dots appeared on clean walls, and rocks became animals...Read More

Pharmacy alumnus pledges 1 percent of income-and challenges classmates to do the same

Pharmacy Alumni DeClue

‘What we do reflects well on the school, and the better the school, the more value our degree holds.’

Anthony DeClue spent 14 years in post-secondary education, earning three degrees and $340,000 in student loan debt to prove it.  But he made a commitment to his most recent alma mater, the College of Pharmacy, and issued a challenge to his classmates...Read More

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