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Anonymous Question or Concern Submission


Please submit anonymous questions/concerns via the form below.

Anonymous Question or Concern Groundrules

  1. Questions that fall outside of these Groundrules will not be accepted
  2. The GME Office will prioritize submissions and address the ones with the most "global" or campus-wide impact first. If a question is widespread or would potentially affect everyone, it will be given priority over issues that are very local.
  3. We specifically will NOT respond to any questions discrediting individuals. Such information can be mean-spirited or otherwise harmful, and is not in keeping with our principle of positive teamwork.
  4. These submissions are anonymous - you do not have to fear retribution as a result of a submission to this website.
  5. Since we are unable to contact the originators of anonymous inquiries, there is no way we can notify them if the question does not fall within the Groundrules and, thus, will not be addressed. If originators do not see their question posted within a reasonable amount of time, they can assume their submission did not meet these Groundrules. If they disagree, they can repost the question with their rationale as to why.
  6. Please, one question per submission. If you have several questions for the GME Office to address, send multiple requests.
  7. Some requests are really simple, and the GME Office can address them and post a response within a day. Some may take a little longer to get the information. So, please be patient.
  8. The GME Office anticipates that many questions will be asked. Before submitting your question, please double check the FAQ page. 
  9. This form should not be used to seek medical advice or to make medical appointments.
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