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Chief Residents (2012-2013)

MUSC Chief Residents 2014-2015

MUSC Pager Access:  792-0590

 Anesthesiology     Bryan Covert15186
Walead Hessami15409
Ashley LeFevre15498
 DermatologyNoah Kahn15121
Adam Sperduto15126
Roger Sullivan15861
 Emergency MedicineBlake Willis15213
Stephanie Bailey15189
 Internal MedicineSkip Schumann15684
Jenny Riley15661
Marc Heincelman15035
 Med/PedsJohn Amadon15054
Rachel Dahlborg15190
 Med/PsychJessica Samples15037
 NeurologyJulia Rothlisberger15670
Karen Karwa15694
 NeurosurgeryJonathan Lena15795
 Nuclear MedicineNo Chief 
 OB/GYNShelby Neal15582
 OphthalmologyAndrew Reynolds15563
David Tremblay15719
 Oral SurgeryChristopher Chambers15165
Charlotte Marvil15521
 OrthopaedicsPeter White15462
Stephen Stacey15455
 OtolaryngologyJay Cline15472
Brendan O'Connell15483
Shawn Stevens15486
 Pathology/ Lab
Sherry Okun15597
Tom Soike15713
Douglas Bryant15304
Pamela McDonald15312
Christopher Larrow15310
 PediatricsNaylor Brownell14649
Kimberly Hays14656
 PsychiatryMary Blackmon15117
John Gentry15294
William Wright15749
 Psych/NeuroMac Abernathy15032
 Radiation OncologyMaria  Aguirre15042
Eva Suarez15715
 RadiologyGenevieve Maass15897
Stetson Bickley15087
 Surgery-CTTom Theruvath15809
Robert Thompson15764
 Surgery-GeneralStephanie Streit15836
Martin Avery15820
Ashley Rickey15832
Shaina Eckhouse15782
Joshua Rickey15833
Bryan Thomas15734
 UrologyTaylor Vaughan15837
S. Walker Nickles15830
Sub-specialty Chief Residents
 Child PsychiatryAdrienne Langlinais15653
Sarah Kuhn15652
 EndocrinologySumana Reddy15672
 Infectious Disease

Yumi Oh

 NephrologyMatthew Floyd15722
 Plastic SurgeryMcIver Leppard15549
Angel Rivera-Barrios15901
 PulmonaryTatsiana Beiko15316
Edward Kilb15243
Nandita Nadig15748
Nasar Siddiq15219
Chet Walters15337
 RheumatologyLara Huber14441

Note:  Sub-specialty programs will not have Chief positions subsidized by the GME Office.  There may be certain instances, such as combined programs, that may need to be decided on a case by case basis determined by the DIO.