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MUSC GME Resident Handbook

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Graduate Medical Education  2017-2018

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Resident Handbook Introduction

Letter of Commitment/
Accreditation Status Disclaimer

Administration & Governance - Graduate Medical Education Programs

Policies & Procedures

Salaries & Benefits

MUSC Policies

Appendix 1 - Resident Agreements (Medical and Dental)

Appendix 2 - Evaluation Forms

Appendix 3 - Forms

Appendix 4 - Scopes of Practice

Appendix 5 - Program Director/Program Coordinator Resources


MUSC Committees

Graduate Medical Education Committee
Chair: E. Benjamin Clyburn
          Office Phone: 792-5371
          Beeper: 14029

Hospital Blood Usage, Tissue Review and Autopsy Committee
Chair:  Jerry Squires, MD (Associate Professor, Pathology and Labarotory Medicine)
          Office Phone: 792-4150
          Beeper: 14647

Hospital Medical Records Committee
Chair:  Sue Pletcher (Director, HIS/PAS)
          Office Phone: 792-8136
          Beeper:  11435

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
Chair:  Larry Field, MD (Residency Program Director, Critical Care Anesthesiology)
          Office Phone: 876-5744
          Beeper: 14603

Ethics Committee
Chair:  Walter Limehouse, MD (Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine)
           Office Phone:  792-9705
           Beeper:  14278

Quality Operations SubCommittee
Chair:   Pat Cawley, MD (Medical Director)
            Office Phone:  792-9537
            Beeper: 14749

College of Medicine Progress Committee and Professionalism SubCommittee
Chair:   Sally Self, MD (Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)
            Office Phone:  792-3215
            Beeper:  14276

Accreditation/Regulatory Committee
Chairs:  Lois Kerr and Casey Liddy (Hospital Administration)
            Contact:  Terri Ellis 
            Office Phone:  792-5106

Operating Room Executive Committee
Chair:   Samir Fakhry, MD (Residency Program Director, Surgical Critical Care)
           Office Phone:  792-9722
           Beeper:  14007

University Parking Committee
Chair:   TBD
           Contact:  Melinda Anderson (Parking Management)
           Office Phone:  792-3665