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Graduate Medical Education  2017-2018

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HouseStaff Council meets the 2rd Tuesday of each month in 419 CSB from 6 to 7 PM in 419 CSB




We, the House Staff, hold a unique position in the medical profession as physicians receiving specialty training.  As such, we have a different perspective of the profession, its organization and its activities in patient care.  Consequently, we also have different needs and grievances.  The House Staff Council will, to the best of our ability, represent the views, needs and grievances of the House Staff in order to effect positive change in our profession.  This alliance and its duties and responsibilities set forth herein are established in accordance with the bylaws, rules and regulations of the medical staff of the Medical University of South Carolina.


The official name of this organization is the Medical University of South Carolina House Staff Council (HSC).  The organization will hereafter be referred to as the House Staff Council (HSC).


The purpose of this organization shall include:

2.1  To promote and maintain high quality residency education by fostering communication with the faculty, program directors, MUSC administration, Medical University Hospital Authority (MUHA), hereafter referred to as the "Administration."

2.2  To maintain the highest level of patient care by fostering communication with the Administration, support staff and educators.

2.3  To address issues and concerns that affect residents, interns and fellows during their training period.

2.4  To foster communication among the House Staff from different departments and divisions.

2.5  To provide a mechanism for open relations and accountability of Administration to the House Staff.

2.6  To provide the means by which the House Staff can monitor the quality of benefits provided by our parent institutions(s).



3.1  Membership is open to all Medical staff interns, residents and fellows holding an active appointment to the House Staff through a department of the Medical University of South Carolina.

3.2  Each member must be in good standing with the Administration at the time of his or her appointment and throughout the time they serve on the HSC.


4.1  Responsibilities
       4.1a  Conducting the business of the organization.
       4.1b  Investigating problems or concerns of the House Staff
       4.1c  Formulating the organization's position in response to changes in residency education at MUSC.
       4.1d  Making decisions for the organization.
       4.1e  Amending the organization's bylaws as necessary.
       4.1f  Communicating with the associate Deans for GME
       4.1g Communicating meeting discussions to house staff



5.1  Officers of the House Staff Council
      (a)  The officers of the HSC shall be President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.

5.2  Election of Officers
      (a)  Any resident can be nominated to serve as an officer of the MUSC HSC.  In May of each year, nominations for officers (by colleagues or self) will be submitted to the council of representatives and the officers will be elected by the members of the council. 

5.3  Duties of Officers
      5.3-1  President
               (a)  Preside and edit the agenda for all meetings of the organization;
               (b)  Serve as a representative on the Graduate Medical Education Committee
      5.3-2  Vice President
               (a)  Assume duties and responsibilities of the president in his/her absence.
      5.3-3  Secretary/Treasurer
               (a)  Keep accurate and complete minutes of the HSC general meetings.
               (b)  Maintain copies of all correspondence involving the organization;
               (c)  Manage the budget of the MUSC HSC.



6.1 The MUSC HSC will meet monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and on an as needed basis by convening the council of representatives and officers. Meetings are open to all residents.

6.2 Quorum and Voting
      (a) Quorum - For purposes of voting, a quorum will consist of 7 council members with at least one officer being present.
      (b) Voting - Each representative and each officer shall have one and only one vote



7.1 These bylaws may be amended or repealed by 7 House Staff members and 2 officers.