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MUSC GME Resident Handbook

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Graduate Medical Education  2017-2018

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Action by the State Board of Medical or Dental Examiners revoking or suspending a resident's license or placing him/her upon probation shall automatically suspend all of his/her hospital privileges and may result in dismissal from the residency program.


  1. When a question arises concerning the dismissal of a resident, the Program Director shall first discuss the matter with the resident in a personal and informal conference. The resolution of the matter may invoke appropriate remedial action or the  dismissal of the resident. The Program Director will write a letter to the Designated Institutional Official for GME recommending a course of action (i.e. remediation or dismissal).

  2. If the Designated Institutional Official for GME concludes that there is sufficient evidence to justify dismissal from the residency program, the Designated Institutional Official for GME will notify, in writing, the Program Director, the Department Chair and the resident. This notification shall state:

    a. grounds for dismissal based on evidence of failure to meet the conditions of the resident's appointment to the training program.  The resident's total professional behavior shall be considered.

    b. grounds for dismissal with sufficient information, particularly of the underlying facts, to fully inform the Resident of the reason for the dismissal.

  3. If the Program Director recommends remediation, the Designated Institutional Official for GME will establish a hearing committee consisting of three individuals:  a Program Director, a Chief Resident and a University faculty member or official.  The Designated Institutional Official for GME will preside over the committee.

    a. The purpose of the committee will be to review the information regarding the Resident's actions leading to the suspension of his/her license as well as determine the appropriate remedial plan.

        b.  The remedial plan will be reviewed by the Program Director and signed by him/her and the resident.

  1. The resident's salary and fringe benefits shall be continued during these proceedings until a final decision is made by the Designated Institutional Official for GME.

    The above provision for termination for cause shall not apply to the decision to not reappoint a resident resulting from his/her failure to attain educational objectives of his/her training program. (See Grievance Procedure for Academic Deficiencies.)