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MUSC GME Resident Handbook

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Graduate Medical Education  2017-2018

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(With Respect to State and Federal Laws)


MUSC has a disciplinary system which, depending upon the circumstances, gives the resident the opportunity to improve his/her performance or conduct after violating state or federal law.


  1. Residents are expected to abide by all applicable state and federal laws.
  2. A resident, who is suspected of violating state or federal laws, will have corrective action initiated by his or her supervising faculty, Program Director, Department Chair and/or the Designated Institutional Official for GME.  Length of service and previous disciplinary and work performance records may also be considered. It is not possible to list all acts and omissions which may result in disciplinary action. Violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action ranging from written reprimands to dismissal depending upon the severity of the situation.
  3. Any resident assisting other residents or employees to breach any standards, before, during or after the fact, can expect to receive the same corrective action as the offender.
  4. Each remediation plan should contain the specifics of the misconduct discussed with the resident and signed by both the resident and the Program Director. The plan should also outline what corrective action is required of the Resident. The signature of the resident is mandatory and acknowledges that s/he has received a copy of the plan. If a resident refuses to sign the corrective action report, s/he will be suspended from the residency program. The completed corrective action report is forwarded to the Designated Institutional Official.
  5. A resident who is dismissed may receive a final paycheck from the hospital for hours worked to the day of dismissal.
  6. Residents who engage in scientific research at MUSC are responsible for maintaining the integrity of all research projects in accordance with the policies, rules and guidelines as outlined in the MUSC Faculty Handbook. Furthermore, residents who may produce tangible products from these research endeavors or assets ("Intellectual Property") must comply with the Intellectual Property Policy contained in the Faculty Handbook.
  7. Residents who are dismissed have a right to submit a request for a formal grievance hearing within ten (10) working days. (See Grievance Procedure Policy).
  8. If a Resident is arrested or formally charged with any infraction of the law, other than a minor traffic violation, the offending Resident shall report such violation or charges to his/her Program Director, Chair or the Designated Institutional Official for GME within 48 hours of the offense. The Resident will immediately be placed on an "administrative leave of absence" by the Designated Institutional Official for GME. If the Resident fails to notify his/her Program Director, Chair or the Designated Institutional Official for GME within 48 hours of the offense, the Resident will be suspended from the residency program. The Designated institutional Official for GME, in consultation with the Department Chair, Residency Program Director and the MUSC Legal Office, will determine the conditions for reinstatement. The Designated Institutional Official for GME will notify the resident, in writing, of the terms of the leave of absence, or suspension, and the reinstatement.