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MUSC GME Resident Handbook

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Graduate Medical Education  2017-2018

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MUSC ID Badges

While in the MUSC Medical Center, residents are required to wear identification cards in such a manner that name, picture and department are unobstructed (clearly visible) and worn at eye level. The identification card is the official I.D. card for all residents.  All specialty and subspecialty residents' ID badges state "Resident" to comply with the Lewis Blackman Hospital Patient Safety Act.  The resident is the only individual authorized to wear his/her MUSC I.D. card.

Any resident reporting to duty without his/her official MUSC I.D. badge must obtain a temporary one. The I.D. badge is the property of MUSC and must be relinquished upon completion or termination from the residency program.

VA ID Badges

Residents who are assigned clinical rotations at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center (VAMC) as part of their program requirements (or as a requirement for another program’s rotation) must obtain a VA ID badge. These badges provide access to the VA facility and are used for identification purposes while at the VAMC.

Once a resident leaves MUSC, s/he must return his/her VA ID badge directly to the GME Office. It must be given to one of the GME staff members so s/he may sign and date the resident’s clearance form for proof of receipt. (Note: If the VA ID badge is not returned to the GME Office upon a resident’s departure, s/he may not receive his/her certificate.)


MUSC ID Badges

MUSC ID Badges are issued by the MUSC Department of Public Safety (843-792-4023). Residents are required to promptly report the loss of their identification cards to the Department of Public Safety. Resident ID badges will be replaced by the Department of Public Safety at a cost of $15.00. This cost will be incurred by the resident who lost the card. Public Safety officers, as well as hospital administrative/supervisory personnel, will scrutinize “unidentified” individuals, particularly in patient care areas above the second floor of the Hospital and may request proof of identification. Any such individuals who are identified, as such, will be reported to Hospital Administration.

VA ID Badges

Residents may have their VA ID badges made at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center located at 109 Bee Street near the MUSC campus. They may report to the receptionist in the VAMC Security Office (843-789-7251) located on the first floor near the main lobby. Residents are encouraged to make appointments to have their badges made anytime Monday through Friday from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm (except federal holidays). Walk-ins are welcome, but must anticipate a wait. A resident who loses his/her VA ID badge, or has it stolen, must notify the VAMC Security Office immediately once it is deemed the badge is missing.

It is important to note, as with MUSC, the VAMC expects each resident to wear the appropriate ID badge at its facility at all times. Residents who do not adhere, may expect to be approached by VAMC Hospital Security.